Month: April 2023

Doug Tales 115: Lizzy

Because Doug Mendenhall shared about his daughter’s metaphysical experiences, others contacted him about similar gifts of the spirit. One of the first he met was a young girl named Lizzy, and he tells a little about her in… Read More

Doug Tales 114: Just a Friend

This experience of Doug Mendenhall’s from his book Possibilities: Lesson From the Spirit (2002), pp. 59-60 was also talked about at his funeral services in December 2020: One time Denise and I went to pick up my oldest… Read More

Doug Tales 113: The First Christmas

Easter or Resurrection Sunday was celebrated by Christians yesterday. Years ago, at Christmastime 1999, Doug Mendenhall learned his 10-year-old daughter had personally seen the birth, life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ while in her then-recent coma. He shares… Read More

Doug Tales 112: Can I Be a Minion? Part Two

Today’s blog post is the second half of an email by Doug Mendenhall from January 2, 2017 with the title, “Can I be a minion when I grow up Mommy?” As the world continues to descend down the… Read More