Month: August 2022

Doug Tales 81: Traveling, Part One

Years ago, Doug Mendenhall was introduced to the concept of one’s spirit being able to travel while a person’s physical body is sleeping (and at other times). He describes learning about such traveling and much more in My… Read More

Doug Tales 80: Following Him

Doug Mendenhall talks in his writings in many ways about our following the Savior. The following is an excerpt from his blog post, “Encounters, Part Two,” originally posted on May 22, 2020, and later printed in Conquering Spiritual… Read More

Doug Tales 79: Not So Fuzzy or Warm

Doug Mendenhall did not take holidays from sharing (or serving) whenever he felt he was being asked to. In this unpublished email of Doug’s from July 4, 2016, he writes about the superhuman strength of possessed people, looking… Read More

Doug Tales 78: Primary Portals are One, Two, Three

Doug Mendenhall emailed a group of individuals over the years on many topics. Here is one of his unpublished emails from June 19, 2016, about a woman and her young daughter’s experiences with spiritual evil at a church… Read More

Doug Tales 77: With Friends Like These

Doug Mendenhall cautions on page 77 of Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020) to learn from the experience of a woman who had dark entities cleared from her. She did not take Doug’s advice to include in her… Read More