Doug Tales 79: Not So Fuzzy or Warm

Doug Mendenhall did not take holidays from sharing (or serving) whenever he felt he was being asked to. In this unpublished email of Doug’s from July 4, 2016, he writes about the superhuman strength of possessed people, looking at one’s faults, being asked to talk about your very personal mistakes, pyramids helping plants to grow, and experiencing Christ’s healing.

Are you reading the same news reports I am?  Those doing exorcisms report a doubling of people requesting help. You have mothers slitting their babies’ throats, dads throwing young kids off buildings because the voice told them to do so. What voice would that be?

Just got home from a trip with my bud for two weeks. I talked to a relative of his who is a doctor that works in the ER and he told us about a man the police brought in. Seems when one of the officers took him down the man basically bench pressed this much larger officer and threw him off like a rag doll. The only way the two officers could subdue him was to taser him. They took him to the ER to get the taser hooks removed and to get a blood test. Normally they suppose a person is on meth when they have superhuman strength like that. He had a small amount of marijuana in his system, no meth or other drugs. Interesting.

My daughter worked at a home for troubled girls where it would take four or five grown women to subdue a smallish, four foot something, 80 pound girl. She had superhuman strength. None of the “holds” or points they would normally put pressure on thereby causing pain worked with her, she felt no pain. Also interesting.

How about the “zombie” man the officers found eating the face of other man and the only thing they could do to stop him was to shoot him? He had superhuman strength.

Kitten told me once how the demons that possess people know how to activate the adrenal glands, thereby giving the possessed person superhuman strength. But hey, it’s nothing to worry about, go back to sleep, I’m sure it will all get better real soon. Isn’t Zion almost here?

In the past I hesitated to talk about such things. Many people only desire to look at the roses. Not that doing so is bad. In one of my last emails I mentioned about the election and had a “good” friend declare that I was evil because I was going to vote for Trump (something I NEVER said) and she wanted to be removed off of this list. I was more than glad to accommodate her. If you prefer not to hear about real life and possible solutions, then by all means, please get off my email list and go back to sleep. I will not sugar coat anything anymore. I had supposed we were all adults here.

We have had people ask us to come and help with dark portals or to help clear entities off of them or family members. I have done so alone and at times with Kitten and sometimes when asked about how their problems came about we end up being quite blunt. There are times when the portals had been placed there anciently and other times where they caused them by their actions. Some have welcomed that information and others haven’t. If you don’t want the truth, then please don’t ask for help. The truth may hurt, not be so nice, and not make you look all pretty and gussied up, or feel warm and fuzzy. I am surprised how many of us, me included, don’t want to let go of our “crap.” Hey, it might be embarrassing, do you think?

Maybe you will luck out and the Lord will tell you to write a book about faults so all the world can see how amazing you are. Like when we did our first book, My Peace I Give Unto You, and we were visiting the artist that was painting the cover. Her husband had read a rough draft and told Rob that it was an interesting book, that he knew “it was fiction, but still no one will believe the story because no one could be as dumb as this little girl’s father. He takes one step forward and two steps backward. You need to make it more realistic, the father is too stupid.” Rob started to crack up and said it wasn’t fiction. I told the man that I was the dummy that kept taking two steps back for each one forward and the story was true. We got a good laugh out of it, well they did anyway, the “dummy” was embarrassed. Did I want my many foibles broadcast to provide all of you entertainment? Not on your life.

Later during seminars, every time Denise would pause during a talk and look at me I’d get that funny feeling. “Dad, He wants me to tell this story and it’s about you.” I’d duck my head and say, “Go ahead.” I guess He requires that of us at times. Though through it all I have learned much and am grateful for that. I know that I don’t know that much and am okay with that, and the Lord seems to be okay with it, He keeps working with me.

So if you ask us to come and we have a chat and it isn’t pretty, just know you can’t hold a candle to me for sheer stupidity. My ultimate being soon after we found out about Denise and I had come to the conclusion that a child up at Primary Children’s Medical Center needed a blessing from me, the big “priesthood holder.” Of course I asked the “oracle chick” and she agreed with all I had said. So we took off to PCMC so the big priesthood holder could bless some kid’s life. We walked all the floors more than a few times, stopping in front of each room and I couldn’t find where the kid was. Denise was no help.

Finally I called a friend and he came up. He brought his son, so he and Denise took off walking. Anything was better than being with the big priesthood holder at that point and besides, he was sixteen and cute. My friend and I chatted and then he pulled out a letter he had written to his father to read to me. As he read I realized his voice had changed and it was the Lord there speaking to me. The Lord proceeded to chasten me like I’ve never been chastened in my life. I remember putting my head to the back of the couch, closing my eyes and begging for it to be over. He told me that if I didn’t quit trying to use Denise’s gifts for my benefit that He’d take me out. And He didn’t mean on a date. I figured at that point I was so small and insignificant that if I could find a rock I could hide under it. His fuego (Spanish for fire) lasted quite some time and I felt burnt, small, stupid, and so much more.

It finally ended and Denise came back. I told her what had happened and she said she knew. “He was really mad at you Dad.” No kidding. So until He shows up and threatens your very existence, don’t feel so bad if He has us tell you how it is. It has always amazed me when people have told me that Christ never gets mad. They don’t know Him very well. Yes, He loves us and I knew He did me, that is why He came to save me from myself.

Want to hear a cool story now that I have depressed you? This family came to the workshop about the pyramids and such. They sent me this the other day. (I have changed their names.)

“Jed bought a goji berry bush for his garden spot. It was immediately attacked by bugs. With only a few leaves left, we dug it up and transplanted it to a pot to keep inside the home. I told Jed to send it lots of love and energy after we transplanted it because I didn’t think that it would make it. 2 weeks later, I am staring amazed at a plant that has grown from a few leaves and 3 1/2 inches tall to beautiful bush 22 inches tall on its longest branch. I thought, ‘Wow, Jed must have given that plant a lot of love.’ Immediately comes the impression, ‘Veronica, look to the side of it.’ I did and there sat the pyramid you gave us in class that we had put our garden seeds under. A flood of realization hit me that the energy of the pyramid had done it. I also glanced at all of the other plants around that have suddenly been growing so healthy. (The tone of the impression seemed to be amused that I hadn’t and wouldn’t figure it out on my own. Does Christ ever laugh at you?) Anyway last week I cut, painted, and taped 7 more pyramids that have been outside until last night’s threatened rain. It is clear now so I plan to put them back outside. Cool stuff.”

Does Christ ever laugh at me? Some days I feel like I’m heaven’s entertainment. Yes, He laughs with us, though Kitten has said he rolls His eyes often at my incredible jokes………

A friend who is reading the latest book made the comment to me that it is like she is reading the principles of translation. How interesting…….

You all take care and have a great holiday,


PS  One last thing I’m to share though I don’t really understand it. My lower back had a real bad pinched nerve at the L4 vertebrae on the right side and then my right hip started going out of the socket. I had to go on this trip with Dave to Arkansas and kind of begged the Lord to tell me not to go. He told me to go. The pain was so intense I could hardly get out of the truck. By the time we got there I was bent over like a pretzel and could hardly walk. After a week of this I’d had enough.

I had been reading a book about the physics of miracles and it said a few things that kind of struck me. So I decided to go into a past reality where my nerve wasn’t pinched and my hip wasn’t going out of the socket and brought that reality into the present. The pain went away. I walked into the room where Dave was and he looked shocked I was walking normal. I told him what I did and that I didn’t understand it, but was I ever grateful it worked. Maybe the Lord had pity on me and just took the problems away. The rest of the trip was awesome as I could actually work and not have so much pain….

Like my friend’s son who had accidentally cut his hand and came back fifteen minutes later with no sign of the cut. “I told myself that I had already had this experience and I chose not to have it again and it went away.” Is that bringing spiritual into the physical reality?