Month: August 2018


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “If these things you teach or write about were important they would be in the scriptures!” If we are going to use the scriptures as the criteria for what… Read More


The workshop titled Metaphysical was a lot of fun last Saturday. We came home from it after being gone for two days and entered our garage. It stunk, I mean the smell was really bad. My son’s socks… Read More

Rest of the Story

Several were not happy that I didn’t finish a story a few posts ago. I will do that now, but first I need to let those here know about a workshop we are doing this coming Saturday. (Yes,… Read More


“And it came to pass that after the more popular part of the Zoramites had consulted together concerning the words which had been preached unto them, they were angry because of the word, for it did destroy their… Read More


The workshop that is being held this Friday and Saturday was full, until now. Several have had family issues come up and so we have three seats available. It starts Friday at 5:30 PM and again Saturday at… Read More

Because Permission Was Given

My daughter gave permission to share some of her recent visions/dreams. I wish all of us good luck. Over a decade ago we received a call from a reporter for Seventeen Magazine. They wanted to do a story… Read More

The Lord’s Advice

Years ago my daughter told me some advice she was given by the Lord Jesus Christ. She was told people need to get off of social media, especially Facebook. I wonder why? Surely nothing on those social platforms… Read More

Fire Tornado

Years ago I took my daughter on a little speaking tour where she spoke of what was in the future. The talk made a few people mad. One woman told me she didn’t want to hear of these… Read More


I was discussing with Z a chapter we are working on for the new book this morning. While I won’t discuss the chapter here, I will say we both agreed that the book Conquering Spiritual Evil (CSE) is… Read More