Month: January 2024

Doug Tales 155: Holes in Auras, Part Three

If a person has a hole in their energy field or aura around them, negativity and darkness know that is an invitation for them to siphon off energy and life force from that person. Doug Mendenhall went through… Read More

Doug Tales 154: Holes in Auras, Part Two

Doug Mendenhall shares in Possibilities: Lessons From the Spirit (2002), pp. 150-151 one of his many experiences with dark spirits and things learned from the experience, along with some of Brigham Young’s teachings about earthbound and evil spirits… Read More

Doug Tales 153: Holes in Auras, Part One

When one of the ten lepers Jesus encountered on his way to Jerusalem “saw that he was healed, [he] turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God, And he fell down on his face at [Jesus’s] feet,… Read More

Doug Tales 152: Paralyzed

Fear or gratitude? What will we choose to think and feel when we face evil, even if it paralyzes us physically? Doug Mendenhall shares an early experience of his learning about the reality of evil in Possibilities: Lessons… Read More

Doug Tales 151: There Are Nice People There, Too

What do you think of people who sell cigarettes? Can they have good qualities? Doug Mendenhall faced those questions when his youngest daughter was recovering from her coma in 1999. He talks about going into a cigarette store,… Read More