Month: July 2020

No Ego

“The Savior has no ego,” he told me. My first thought was how in the world could that be true? A man who has no ego. Can such a being actually exist? I know we joke about the… Read More

Tied Together

I learned a new concept today that I’d like to share with you ten readers. On March 31st of this year we published a post about my father’s biological sire, or “sperm donor” as I was wont to… Read More

Priesthood Association

Priesthood has always intrigued me. Especially when someone like Snuffer talks about how it is associated with the “Powers of Heaven.” From his talk on Priesthood delivered in Orem, Utah on November 2, 2013: “The Powers of Heaven:… Read More


“The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot unlearn the many lies that they have been conditioned to believe, and seek out the hidden knowledge that they… Read More

The Mask

So what is the truth behind the mask? There have been medical people that tell us the masks are ineffective and then they were taken off of social media and such. Does it seem to you that only… Read More


Before the video starts notice what it says on his hat, “KILL ‘EM ALL”. Makes me wonder who “EM” is? A partial transcript of the video’s content: Black man: “Everywhere you go you invade, rape, steal, rob, and… Read More

Our Choice, Light or Evil

What does it mean when the BLM movement founders declare they are trained Marxists? Or they state they will destroy the “Nuclear Family” meaning two parents (husband and wife) and children? Or when they state their goal is… Read More