Month: December 2017

“Covering all my bases”

Yesterday a friend took me to lunch. During our Mexican feast he told me of a man he knew in Eastern Utah that had joined every church he could find. He had told my friend that he wanted… Read More


The saga continues. (No, this isn’t Star Wars.) I’m grateful for the five responses from our three readers. Some said things like he “seems not to center, focus, believe, devote, worship, and Trust Christ, so the Old familiar… Read More

Deductive Reasoning

Hey Sherlock, let’s go over some facts and see what we come up with. Okay? The following is a composite of several “experiences” which hopefully will lead to a conclusion. Wish me luck. A couple called and asked… Read More

Mind Expansion

So how was your week? Did you experience? Did you learn? Anything? We ended up doing a real quick trip to Arizona this week. It seems that when little children are pulled out of bed by demonic entities… Read More

“No thanks”

Two days ago we received a referral from someone about a family that said they needed help with some entities that were bothering them in their home and the homes of their children. I called the man and… Read More


Last week while was preparing for the workshop we did yesterday my sweetheart came in the room and handed me two 3 X 5 cards with some writing on them. “I found these on the kitchen floor and… Read More