Month: February 2022

Doug Tales 55: Fallen Angel

To conquer spiritual evil requires knowing correctly who and what our enemy truly is, as well as who and what our God is. Doug Mendenhall diligently sought to understand and overcome the opposition we face here, and shares… Read More

Doug Tales 54: Paradisiacal Glory

What is the true destiny of our planet and those who live here? What is the true history of our experience here? Would you be surprised if our society’s science and religions have answers different from those found… Read More

Doug Tales 53: Earthbound Spirits, Part Five

Doug Mendenhall, with the help of his sighted friend Kitten, continues talking about the impact of one person’s strong emotions literally holding another person bound to this Earth in I See…Arise! (2016) on pages 23-26: On a highway… Read More

Doug Tales 52: Earthbound Spirits, Part Four

If your emotions can hold you back from moving forward in your life, could those same emotions also block another person’s progress? What connection do you have to those around you? Is that connection positive or negative? Doug… Read More