Month: February 2020

Answer to “Did you feel it”

I didn’t want to answer the email from several days ago until I had all the information available. Remember it was called, “Did you feel it.” My sighted friend said she had felt the wave of darkness several… Read More

White lab coat

During the years from 1932 until 1972 the United States Public Health Service did a study of male African-Americans to observe the natural history of untreated syphilis. What, you ask? The US Government gave syphilis to black male… Read More

What hell sounds like

The link below is from Wuhan, China. It is a little like what hell sounds like, only it isn’t just at night. Enjoy.

Did you feel it?

First, a week ago Sunday my sweetheart’s brother transitioned. He’s the one I’ve written about that was a sound technician installing steeples in LDS chapels. His brain ended up being fried. He passed early that Sunday. Later in… Read More

Illusion or just plain fake?

I have to say yes, most things seem to be just that, an illusion. Before the Iraq war we heard from the fifteen-year-old girl about how the Iraqi soldiers were dumping babies out of the incubators in the… Read More

Octahedron, sacred geometry and heart Chakra

The picture shown below is one we took in Manti, Utah in the summer of 2000 or 2001, I don’t really remember. My bud and I with several of our children had driven down there with my newly… Read More

Virtue, the spirit of life

There are things that happen doing His work that are not pleasant. I know, that is a shock to some of you…… A while ago a woman said some derogatory things about us and what we are about… Read More

Temple recommend

I just can’t resist this one. The sad thing is how many actually believe these things. A close friend was in fast and testimony meeting the other Sunday. A good brother stood up and gave his testimony. In… Read More


Why do they speak Portuguese in Brazil instead of Spanish like the rest of South America? I have always wondered this but never thought to ask. So today I did just that, I asked. It is because of… Read More

Birth of a Democrat

From James Woods Twitter. Seeing the actual birth of a Democrat: Well worth the effort to take a look. I didn’t know the birthing process was this hard, to be sure. I’m sure she will use her Mercedes… Read More