Month: April 2024

Doug Tales 167: Chakras, Part Two

How self-aware are we of who and what we are? Do we recognize the connections between our physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects? During mortality, chakras are an energetic manifestation of the physical body and how it connects… Read More

Doug Tales 166: Chakras, Part One

The dictionary will tell you that a “chakra” is “any of the seven major energy centers of body” and the word comes from the Sanskrit language meaning “wheel” or “circle.” Chakras are another example of bringing the spiritual… Read More

Doug Tales 165: Mind Control, Part Two

In the world and society around us, we are told that “smart people” and experts are those able to memorize and regurgitate information. In contrast, intelligence in heaven is manifested by those able to recognize, see, and make… Read More

Doug Tales 164: Mind Control, Part One

There are those that believe that everyone manipulates, and the only real difference is how well they do it (and seem to get away with it). In contrast, to conquer spiritual evil includes trusting our Savior Jesus Christ… Read More