Doug Tales 156: Spiritual Shielding, Part Four

One standard definition of a shield is “a broad piece of defensive armor.” When we are involved in conquering spiritual evil, we need defensive tools for protection, such as shields. Doug Mendenhall shares some experiences shielding cars in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012), pp. 79-81:

There have been many times that I and my family and many friends have seen the spiritual shielding around our cars while out driving at night. It was gratifying to me to have my family see it. Our youngest daughter, Denise is spiritually sighted and sees it all the time, but the rest of us are not as gifted as she is at this time.

The first time I saw it and realized what it was, I went home and asked Denise if she had seen them also. She informed me that she always sees the shields around us and had thought that I saw them, too.

Are these shields real? Absolutely they are. Do they work? Yes they do. One day she and I were driving, and she was talking about them.

“Dad,” she said, “I love driving and having a shield around the car. When we hit the demons that are walking on the road, it flattens them out.”

“Do you mean,” I asked, “that if we don’t have shields, they aren’t bothered or harmed or flattened?”

“No,” she said, “they just go through the car. It’s pretty cool to see them get knocked flat.”

My oldest daughter had bought a used car up in Orem, and I had gone with her to pick it up. I had asked to drive it home, so I could see how it performed.

We had just gone down a hill and across some railroad tracks on Highway 89 when a herd of deer jumped out in front of me. This daughter was in our car following me and watched this entire event unfold.

I had just got my speed up to 55 mph and realized that deer were on both sides of the car. I saw a doe about three feet in front of the car, just right of center. There was no way I could miss hitting her.

Suddenly the doe leaned away from the front of the car, slid along the road going away from me, “popped” off the road, and ran away.

There was no way I could have missed that deer and no way it could have done what it just did. Nevertheless it did happen. I knew instantly that I had watched the shield around our car protecting me and the doe.

When we got home my daughter asked me what happened. I told her and she said she had watched as that doe slid off the road in front of the car and ran away. She knew I was going to hit it, that it was impossible for me not to hit it. Then I missed it completely.

“It was the coolest thing I have ever seen, Dad,” she said.

I thought it was pretty “cool” too. What the Lord can do for us is truly amazing.