Do I dare go “all the way?”

No, I’m not talking about some senior coed at BYU out on a date with a little freshman boy.

I’m talking about when we go out to do portalcisms or clearings, do we go “all the way” and tell people what is really seen? Z and I attended one of those fellowships in another county along with my daughter. One of the attendees talked to me later and asked what we had seen. Now that is THE question of the day, isn’t it? People ask that question believing they are prepared for what comes next, as they think they can “take it.” Really?

Do you really want to know what size and kind of entities you have on you? If told, will you not believe? Or are you one of the ones that shows up with so much pride you can tell where you receive “inspiration?” Do you really want to be told about the accuser demons that are attached to you? The demons of pride, gluttony, lust, and the list goes on and on. Because if we tell you, odds are that some will recant the friendship. Suddenly we become the “evil” ones, with the accusers claiming we are sending out curses wherever we go, spreading our evil on all who might oppose. Please, grow up. Oh, did that offend? Well, keep reading.

Many times after writing these and before putting them on the blog I will have several people read them, one being my daughter. She will let me know if my “sarcastic” button went off too often and I went over the top with it. I am not being sarcastic today. Okay, maybe a little in some areas. I’m being truthful, as I like to be. People have asked me if I am blunt. Ask my children, especially my daughters. Well, you are not my children, but today I plan on being blunt.

Is our public posture consistent with our private selves? Meaning do we treat our wife or husband the same in public as we treat them in private? I can’t tell you during many clearings the counsel that is given from the Lord Jesus Christ to the spouses to treat each other like they did when they were courting one another. Has that gone away in your marriage? Why? Why would He give that counsel? Might it be important? So important you might want to continue with it until the day you transition? Is it that once we get that little filly on the hook and reel her in we don’t need to do those “stupid” things again? How come they weren’t stupid when we were courting each other? Or why do we feel it is ludicrous to court each other now?

Or do we go home and belittle each other. “Hey, it’s just a little argument.” Oh my goodness, looky there, there’s a little portal in our home now. Do we see it? Probably not. We’re too busy planning our next attack so we can make it grow and grow and grow. Got that retaliation demon on my shoulder and I am going to make sure we integrate with each other! (The demon, not the spouse.) I had a man email asking for help because he was told about “divorce” demons and he felt he had one because of his feelings or lack thereof towards his wife. Do I dare go all the way and tell a person, when I have hands on their head, that the spiritual cord or connection between them and their spouse has been severed? (If you don’t know what that is, read about it in Denise’s book, “In His Arms.”) And the Lord Jesus Christ let me know why. Might that be important? But can we actually accept the fact and then more importantly, do something about it?

How about when a couple that I feel a lot of love towards for years comes to our home for a clearing. While chatting we are told that she was recently in the hospital with heart problems but the western medical professionals couldn’t find anything wrong with her heart and let her go. Do I look them in the eye and tell them that she has a spear in her heart and it was put there by her husband? And then counsel that they might want to change their habits of yelling, screaming, and getting mad at each other and whatever other unholy thing they are doing in their attacks on one another. All kinds of weapons are flying between them, causing spiritual injury which then can lead to physical problems. Should I “go all the way?” I did, and haven’t seen or heard much from them since. I really love these people and enjoyed their friendship. Did they get upset with us for telling them what was really there, for going all the way? I don’t know, except they no longer grace our lives with their being.

We learned this years ago in the workshops we did when the subject of priesthood came up. Because my daughter and Z were there it made it interesting when the men in the room asked if they had priesthood or not. We actually went around the room having the ladies open that can of worms. Because, once that worm gets out, what are you doing to do with it? “No John, you don’t have priesthood. You never have.” Uh oh, decision time. Do I believe them or not? It is far easier to not believe them and continue on with life, as close to hell as it might be. Or do you believe what the Savior told you through them, go pray and get a witness it is right, and if so, do something about it.

Do we get mad or scared and treat these things lightly? Z and I surely don’t. Before we go to do a portalcism or clearing we will fast. Z has health issues and can only fast 24 hours. I get to fast 24 to 72 hours before going. Preparation includes scriptures, studying what He tells us to study, and much breathing, meditation, and prayer. It is no small thing to go to a person’s home and property and clear portals, all the while dealing with the small and large entities that are guarding them. Then laying hands on an individual makes it an even larger thing. We are only there because of the people requesting it, otherwise nothing is done. After the “event” Z and I will discuss what happened during it, making sure we were right with the Lord Jesus Christ in what was said and done. I will repeat, it is no small thing. I may joke around with the people, but I assure you it is very serious. A level 25 portal can cause major problems with you if approached with any degree of pride, fear, or trepidation. Heck, any level of portal can cause problems if approached with fear or pride. The same with casting off entities. It requires confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ to do His work.

So if Z and I are actually doing what He requests to be done and if it is rejected, who are they rejecting? If He gives straight forward instructions through His servants, and just lip service was given to what was counseled, doing nothing about putting it into practice, we may not be openly rejecting Him, but would we be treating His counsel as worthless and maybe even trivial? In our pride and arrogance may we even be despising what He has told us? My advice would be to get the critters off and come to Him.

What about those that do energy work and healing work? Are the ones you go to clear? Or do you go to them because someone told you what great things the worker had done for them and you want to try out the latest “flavor of the week”? I may as well go “all the way.” If a person is doing energy or healing work, voicing blessings, teaching, or anything that requires them to be in tune with the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ inside or outside of any church, healing institute or even a private home, and they are not clear themselves, what in the world are you thinking? My friend turned eight years of age twenty some years ago. Her Bishop wanted to “reactivate” her abusive father and had this abusive man baptize her. Did he have any Priesthood according to D&C 121? No way. So was the baptism valid? Do you know how many times I have been told that God will honor that baptism because their intention was good? If that is the case, then He, God, had better accept the baptism of every Church and Fellowship there is, as I’m sure they all had good intentions.

If I have a huge dark evil General on me and you come for a clearing or blessing, will I be able to hear the real Lord Jesus the Christ or will I hear a lord like the dark lord Source? Would I be able to tell the difference? And if that person is not working to be in tune with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ why in the world are you allowing them to even touch you??? Let alone voice things upon you. Is that clear enough? Do you get that? I hope so. Or can I add you to the “offended” list?

Or are you like the woman that attended a healing workshop (not one of our workshops) in Idaho years ago. She was taught to send all dark entities to the Light and if commanded they would go. So she went home from the seminar, opened her front door and invited dark entities into her home, because she was now going to save them by sending them to the Light. Later, after she had tried for the third time to kill herself, because the invited entities now controlled her body, my daughter and I were blamed by her family for this. Would you want her to work on you? The only thing I can offer is, if you choose to be an idiot, don’t blame me. You might want to be careful of who and what you invite into your home, mortal, spiritual or otherwise. And for heaven’s sake, take responsibility for your life and actions. Don’t blame others or accuse them.

Let’s come full circle and know that if we pray and are told to invite someone that truly represents Him and has the ability to see, know, and cast out properly, we might want to listen to what they have to say. Even if it hits our sacred goat in the gut. Hurts, huh. But if we truly want to heal we might want to pray and get a witness that what was said was the truth and honestly came from Him and not them. We shouldn’t just give it lip service, but get off our butts and do something about it. If the home was cleared of portals and we were also cleared, it might behoove us to learn how to cast out, shield, pray, shield again, and pray some more. Repentance might be in order and asking our spouse and children to forgive us, to make our home a place of security and safety. Fathers might want to “man up” to their stewardship and learn how to hear the true Lord Jesus Christ to be able to bless their children’s lives as they then lay hands on them and really hear Him, the Lord and Savior’s voice. Mothers might want to “woman up” and work on the same to bless their home in their stewardship. Wives and husbands might want to court each other again and again and again. It will bring vitality back to the marriage and be sure to invite the third party that still stands at the door knocking, wanting to be part of just not your marriage, but your entire life.

Lastly, if for some reason we end up helping you out, by your invitation, know that I plan on being blunt. If you are going to get offended, then please don’t invite. There is so much work to do, we can’t afford to waste our time and effort on “lookyloos” or tire kickers, if you catch my meaning. If help is truly wanted we will tell you what is going on. Some have invited us to help their neighbor or family member that really doesn’t know what we do or what we are about. They are having issues and have tried the local Bishop, family, and others and we are the last resort. That isn’t a problem until we show up. We are so unconventional and really can’t tell them what really is going on or how to help themselves because they are not prepared enough to hear what we have to say. It would be rejected instantly and they would stand condemned. That also means you might stand in the same place if you invite and do the same thing. So, do we shut up or go all the way?

There, I went all the way….and it feels pretty good when it’s what the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ wants done and said. And I didn’t even go to the BYU.

Take care all.