Frequency is not spiritual.

Let’s use an elevator as a metaphor for frequency.

As a small child I was able to ride in elevators with my parents. It was a real “cool” experience for me. The door would open and we’d enter what I would later find out was basically a metal box. My parents would push the button to the floor they desired and the door closed. I could feel the vibrations when the motor kicked in and the pulley system engaged. The “box” took off upward. My favorite part was when it would slow to a stop and my stomach caught up with the rest of my body. What a rush for a little child! Then the door opens again and I entered a new world. This world is at a higher level than I was at before and has people I’ve never met before or engaged with.

My parents raised me mainly by example. I watched as I grew up and could now reach the buttons in the elevator. Now I would be able to go from the bottom floor to one at a higher level by myself.

The act of riding in an elevator and raising myself to a higher floor in the building involved vibration or frequency. The electricity is frequency, as is the motor when it is engaged. The wiring vibrates, as does the entire “box” I’m riding in. Even the plastic buttons which determine which floor I will arrive at are vibrating or have frequency. There is a counterweight that helps the box (car) go up and down, it vibrates, as does the pulley system which the steel cables are attached to. There are guiderails to which both the car and counterweight are attached; they are vibrating. There is a governor with flyweights inside of it that prevent a freefall if the cable system snaps or breaks. All of this vibrates or has frequency. Heck, even the lights in the car have frequency.

When I engage all of these “tools” together I am able to rise up to a higher floor or level.

None of these tools are “good” or “evil.” They are just tools. When we use them we can rise to a higher level in the building. The doors open and we are then able to see what is there in that world on that particular floor. We “enter a new world” and are able to engage in conversation and many other kinds of interaction with those people that work or dwell there. Pretty cool, huh.

We have been given many tools that are designed to raise our own frequency. We have shared many of these tools in our workshops, seminars, and books. A small sampling of them are:



Solfeggio music and tones

Cloud busting

Spinning the pinwheel

Number reduction

Energy work

Spoon bending

Sacred geometry


Prayer circles

And many others

When these tools are used, they raise our frequency. Just as when the tools from the elevator are used and we raise ourselves to a higher level. These tools are neither “good” nor “evil.” They are just tools and will raise our own vibrations or frequency.

As we do so, we can then enter a new world that is of a higher frequency than where we currently “vibrate” at. After entering that world we can then engage with whatever is there. This is where many people kind of mess up. We can then engage with ALL that dwells there at that higher frequency; we have pierced the veil and have entered a new world we are not familiar with.

We can engage with light and dark, since both dwell at that particular frequency. Let’s say we raised ourselves to the 8th floor and the door (our veil) opens. As we walk out of the “box”, at that frequency there is both light and dark. This is a concept that most fail to recognize or understand. Then a being of evil might come up and “entertain” us. Massive power might come forth from them. Being inexperienced in this new realm, we may be overwhelmed by this wonderful new power we have never felt before and think that something this wonderful must be from the Gods of Light. This is called deception and many fall for it. We now have “communication” from the other side of the veil, albeit with evil, and can receive instructions from them to do our healing or energy work. We can tell others their future and past experiences, and so much more. Wow, life is good, we connected to God and we are now gifted and awesome!

The only problem is where all of this new supposed light came from. Have you now been told that you were King Solomon in a past life? Did you see in vision that the young man you are working on was once a child of the mortal Christ and tell him how special he is? Or that you were Emma Smith? Or that the person in front of you is full of evil and you are to announce it to the world in order to save them? Or that you don’t understand that the being feeding you your power, guidance, and gifts is of an evil nature? I know, it can’t be, you pierce the veil by raising your frequency! “I just know that I’m going to have Christ’s child. He told me!”

The emissaries of the Gods of Light come with love and peace. Feel your heart, pray for guidance, and listen. Evil can mimic much of what those of Light bring, but they can’t mimic the profound peace and tangible love. “Peace” is an emotion, not the absence thereof. Evil loves to massage our ego. We then let pride in and it’s all downhill from there.

When we use the necessary tools we raise our frequency, we can enter a new, strange world. Nevertheless, we have entered a new level of being where duality still exists, where beings of both light and evil dwell and can interact with us. It may be at a higher frequency, we may have pierced the veil, but it is still in this realm of existence. People say “I’ve come up closer to God.” It’s not spiritual, so is it true?
Rising up in frequency means we have pierced the veil in some manner and now can “play” at a new level. Light and evil exist on this level. “Who you gonna play with?”

Oh, by the way, did any of this involve spirituality?

No, it did not. Not in the least.