Great power hovering over it

Found the following in my Sabbath reading today. It more than goes along with the last post.

From Snuffer’s Passing the Heavenly Gift, page 301:

“The City of Enoch was protected by this power. Melchizedek established a city with the same power, and it became a City of Peace, a place of righteousness, a part of heaven. Because of this, it followed the same order as the earlier city of Enoch which was taken to heaven. Melchizedek’s city of peace was also worthy to be taken to heaven. People protected by the power are people who deserve heaven’s protection. They establish an environment where angels and Christ can dwell. They are holy, their city is holy, and nature itself will protect such people.

Joseph Smith foresaw the establishment of another city in the last days that would also function under this same order. In that future city there would be a great power hovering over it that will hold at defiance the armies of nations. It will be a place where God’s power will protect the citizens from all harm. The wicked will say it is ‘too terrible’ a place for them to confront, and they will leave it in peace.” (Emphasis added)

After reading this I contacted two of the three people that I know have seen Enoch’s Zion and asked what was over the city protecting it. The answer was a dome that shielded it. Just as we’ve mentioned before here. Now today I read in Snuffer’s book where he is describing another city like Enoch’s in the last days and states “there would be a great power hovering over it that will hold at defiance the armies of nations.”

Now I don’t pretend to speak for him and surely don’t. But to me, those words are describing a dome or shielding type “power” over the city, my interpretation, based on prayer.

So when we hear from the two sighted people about the dark evil domes being erected over Salt Lake Valley and Utah County Valley it makes me remember how evil will mimic what Light does. Those dark domes are being erected where evil is growing. Sorry if you live there, but that is a fact. I’m sure if I asked, there are already many cities in the country where they are already erected and in place.

So where are the ones of Light being erected or are they. Snuffer said that Joseph Smith saw this would be erected over a city that would be like Enoch’s city, a great power hovering over it.

Just wanted to share. Interesting insights from Snuffer’s book and from my sighted friend and daughter.

I remember before doing a workshop that included talking about pyramids I called three sighted people that had seen the city of Enoch and asked each one if they had seen pyramids there. The answer from all three was “yes.” Now why would the Enoch’s city have pyramids? What would they do for them? Energetically or otherwise? Must be important. If a pyramid was found, what would be done with it? I know, we’d bring in the Archeologists and they could tell us who wasn’t buried there. No, I didn’t misstate that.

Sure are interesting times we live in.

Have a great week.

Oh, please don’t believe me about any of this. Please do what we all should, get rid of our judgments and go ask Him about it. What if it’s true? What are you going to do about it? Just go about business as usual. Hard times are upon us. I know, that hole in the sand looks awfully good some days. I wonder if my head will fit in it.

Might be time to really connect to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When you know what hits the proverbial fan, it will be far too late. You know, the ten virgin parable.