Integration anyone?

“Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven—” (D&C 123:13)

I won’t even comment on the above scripture, I’d prefer to keep my head buried in the sand. Things look so much better down here, though it is kind of dark and hard to breathe. I know “they” won’t bother me if I don’t learn about them, don’t think about how they operate and just stay “positive.” Yes, positive, that’s me, they don’t exist, there’s no place like home, “and Toto too?” I want my mommy….. (This paragraph and the 2nd to last paragraph in this post, even though the do contain many things I’ve heard before, were written with my tongue in my cheek. I’m not trying to be “snarky” as my middle daughter said it sounds. Well, okay maybe a little snarky, though I really don’t know what snarky means.)

On the serious side, this is a spiritual battle that has physical ramifications, even if you keep your head in the sand. It is my belief that you will no longer be able to sit on the sidelines and just be spectators. There will no longer be any gray area, it will be light or dark and will be in your face. You will have to choose sides and have to be in the battle or you will not survive.

There have been more than a few times when people have come to my home to have clearings or exorcisms or whatever your preferred verbiage is and we have to refuse to do anything for them because they are not prepared. Since this would also be the case if we were to do a generational healing for them it does have relevance here. If you are not prepared, then don’t do the generational healing or try casting your “stuff” off. Most of the time it will not work if you do try it. We have been discussing many ways on this blog to get prepared, from personal preparation to preparing your home environment. (By the way, did you know that exorcisms worldwide are at an all-time high? In some places they are standing in line to get help. Don’t worry, you won’t be left out. I said a long time ago it is coming to your doorstep.)

Yes, it is quite important to repent of our “sins.” That obviously is a key. But what about mental and spiritual preparation? You see, if you come to someone and everything is cast off and you return to your vomit, so to speak, meaning all of your old habits and problems that brought the problems to begin with, then you will really have a problem.

In the Joseph Smith translation of Matthew 12:

“And he said unto them, When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest and findeth none; but when a man speaketh against the Holy Ghost, then he saith, I will return into my home from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth him empty, swept and garnished; for the good spirit leaveth him unto himself. Then goeth he the evil spirit, and taketh with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in and dwell there; worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.” (Vs. 38-39)

If you are not prepared and your “house” is cleansed and you invite them back, they will come back with “seven” friends more powerful than they were. We have seen this happen and it can be quite sad. It is extremely serious.

A very good friend had asked me to let her know if she ever had a demon or anything dark on her. I work hard to not invade anyone’s agency, but since she had asked I told her once that she had a pretty serious entity on her that was controlling her. She immediately asked a group of us to remove it. In our exuberance to help her we immediately agreed to cast it off. I was voice for the group of us laying hands on her and it was all cast off. The problem was we really didn’t understand the concept I am trying to get across in this post. She was not counseled to change her habits, thoughts, etc. There had been no discussion of mental or spiritual preparation, nothing. She and we just wanted to get all of it off of her. Within a month or two it was back, with friends, stronger friends. We had a long conversation with her and she worked extremely hard preparing herself to get rid of these evil things and to change. After several months of work she felt ready and it was all cast off again. She is doing very well now in progressing towards the Light of our Savior. We may discuss this in depth in a later post. There is much to learn from what she and others have gone through in this regard.

Let’s get some ideas straightened out before venturing further into this. If you get a demon or devil on you and allow it to remain there for an extended period of time, it will integrate with you, meaning it will become part of you and eventually have full control over you. The question with some individuals has been where does the mortal person end and the demon begin?

When normal integration with a demon starts it looks kind of like “conjoined” twins. As the mortal keeps feeding the entity it slowly integrates more and more into the person’s body. Finally it will look like just one person is there. Typically the entity will shove the mortal’s spirit to the back of the body. I remember when my daughter went into the hospital at 14 years of age and came back possessed, which we didn’t realize at the time. She would later tell me it had shoved her to the back of her body where she would watch in horror as it did and said things she never would. We’ve repeated that story in our books, so I won’t bore you here. The point is, with total integration, they control your physical body, meaning how you act, what you say, and they will even cloud your thinking. It is hard to think clearly when that level of integration occurs. Even with partial integration there is some loss of control. Evil will work overtime to bring you under its control. The more hateful you become, the more porn you view, alcohol or drugs you ingest, arguments you have, and evil you do, the more it integrates with you. Where drugs are concerned, it isn’t just with so called illegal drugs. Pharmaceuticals can be and most are full of dark entities. (It really is a good idea to bless ALL medications.) Remember in the old temple film or better yet, the live version, where the adversary says he “Will buy up Popes, Priests, and Pharmaceutical companies and he will reign with blood and horror on this earth”? He does own Big Pharma. (Okay, I know the phrase didn’t include Big Pharma.) But their pills do have entities on them and he is reigning with blood and horror.

Several years ago I received an email from a young man, about thirty years of age, asking for help. He knew he had possession problems due to his lifestyle. We emailed back and forth several times before I decided to take a chance and go see him. He said he was unable to function and pretty much sat on his bed. I was told to take Z and my daughter with me. He lived in a studio apartment and it was a mess. Upon entering the two women didn’t want to walk anywhere. They indicated to me there were two really bad portals, one on the bed where he was, and the other in the small kitchen area. Z took the only chair in the room and my daughter stood next to the kitchen portal with a look of, well not really fear, but she wanted out of there. He did have a General attached to him among many other dark entities. This was one of our first encounters with a General from hell. This was a different type of integration. He was behind the man holding what looked like a rope. The rope went out of his hand towards the young man where it split into seven sections, each section heading into one of the man’s seven chakras. By doing this he was controlling all aspects of this young man.

This extremely dark powerful being was able to have pretty much complete control over this young man; he wouldn’t or maybe couldn’t even really look at us. We talked for a while and finally he asked for a blessing to have this thing removed from his body. I stood behind him and when I placed my hands on his head they locked on. When this happens I know it is usually going to be a wild ride. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and through priesthood the bonds were cut and the dark General was cast off and sent to hell cut up into pieces. (Our warrior guardians usually do not give any quarter to this level of evil.) The young man lunged forward and started to convulse. He spewed out all kinds of spiritual vomit that caused Z and my daughter to back away. The crazy thing was, only 20% of what was on him was cast off. It would take another four or five trips to his apartment to get everything off of him. He didn’t have enough strength to have all of it cast off at once, so it had to be done in stages. Five months later he moved away. Before he left we had lunch together. I wish I had a before and after picture. When he left he looked awesome, full of light.

My point is he was prepared to have this done. He had suffered enough, repented much, studied how evil worked, (he had even read Conquering Spiritual Evil) and prayed even more for help. And when the help came he changed how he thought, his habits, and how he lived. He became Christ centered. If he had kept all of his old thought patterns, habits and how he lived, it probably would have all come back. And because he was familiar with how evil works, what it does, how it feels when it starts to come at you, he was able to keep it away. Learning how to shield himself in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ was key.

One time we had a person come for a generational healing and after clearing him he laid down. Z mentioned that we couldn’t proceed. I asked her why not? She looked at the man and asked him why he wanted to die? She said as long as he had these feelings we couldn’t proceed with the generational healing. His desires were blocking the opportunity for his many ancestors that had come to further progress. After chatting for a while he changed his mind and we proceeded. This has actually happened with several people. Our mental attitude is really important to how much is able to be accomplished. Do we show up with a spirit of disbelief, with complete lack of faith, or a spirit of gratitude for our experiences, no matter what they are, with a belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we can be healed and these things will be taken care of or excised?

You know, this sounds like work to me. My life is pretty sweet how it is. You know the deal, all is well in Zion. All of this demon stuff just doesn’t add up. They don’t bother me. And what is the Lord thinking, that I, should waste and wear out my life bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness?!! That I need to come to know them? I don’t think so! I’ve got better, more important things to do, I’m a gospel scholar. Now, where is that sand with the hole in it? I’ve bought me a breathing apparatus.

I really pray that God our Father will bless all of us in our honest efforts to understand this and to keep it out of our lives.