It a Wacky World

It’s a wacky world out there. And an even wackier spirit world.

We were able to have a mini vacation during July and when we came back it’s as if hell showed up. (As if it wasn’t here already.) Since today seems to be a serious “covenant” day for many people, I thought I’d lighten it up from my end of things and share some of what we’ve seen the past month.

Since my daughter’s coma and becoming spiritually sighted, I’ve noticed many people seem to look for validations of what is seen or talked about in the spiritual realms. I remember when Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped in 2002 and we had many people tell us if Denise was really sighted, she would be able to tell the police where the Smart girl was located. “God wouldn’t want her kidnapped, so I know He would tell Denise if she really was gifted.” Personally I loved the fact that these people actually felt they knew what God wanted and what He would do in such a situation. Over the years I’ve dealt with TLS on many occasions. What is “TLS” you ask? Tired Leg Syndrome. It comes from jumping to conclusions all the time. Have you ever experienced such a thing? Probably.

So we were in Southern Utah clearing a home and property of nearly 300 portals. Z was quite exhausted from the work and also because the Savior makes her watch what went on anciently in each location that caused the portals to be there. This location was particularly nasty and loathsome. It had been a training center for dark high priests and evil lords in their “craft.” Their craft being Satanism with all it accouterments. Z mentioned to me that in the back yard they had slowly murdered toddlers and youths as part of their rituals. I won’t tell you the details except the last part was placing large boulders on them to slowly crush them to death.

After we had finished the home and property we were chatting with the new home owner and mentioned a few things to him about what had happened there. When we do this we never know if they will believe us or not. But this the young man said he had dug a deep, 9 foot hole in the back yard a while back. He encountered some boulders and moved them. Under the boulders he found some ancient artifacts and children’s bones. He quickly covered it all up and determined to never dig out there again.

We had validation of what Z had been shown. Though it still didn’t feel very good based on what happened there. Southern Utah was a Gadianton stronghold during Book of Mormon times. Some places down there carry some pretty bad vibes or bad juju if you prefer.

The master bedroom area had been where they had a baptismal font filled with putrid water. They would “baptize” the infants there by drowning them. The new home owners couldn’t hardly enter that room until the dark energy was cleared. This location had many earthbound toddlers and infants that were taken up to Heavenly hospitals by the requested angels.

This week we found ourselves in Idaho on a beautiful piece of property. The problem was anciently it had been an estate of a high end satanic high priest. Where these people had built their home was where anciently this high priest had located his orchards. Now in evil they don’t have orchards to just produce fruit. Some of you will be familiar with the Cedars of Lebanon or the Bohemian Grove. One of the bedrooms in the home was where the ancient altar had been located where many innocents had been sacrificed. And we wonder why we have problems in some of our homes. That is the energy they were sleeping in.

Yesterday we were doing clearings for people at my home. Every time we do these we experience things we have never thought of before. I asked Z if in hell they sit around and dream these things up. She said that actually they do. One of the women that came had a mass of swirling dark energy in her stomach also had barbed wire swirling in it. That would cause immense spiritual pain which then could translate to the physical. It takes some pretty evil, nasty, people to dream up that kind of stuff. (Must be where the CIA learned their stuff.)

As I laid hands on one person I saw him encrusted in “crud” from head to toe. He was encased in it. When things like this occur, I have learned the Lord Jesus Christ will just wait for instructions. Kind of like when the Brother of Jared had a lighting problem and the Savior asked the Brother of Jared what he wanted Him to do. Sometimes it requires a smidgeon of creativity. This time though He showed me His healing waters being poured over the man’s head to loosen the crud up. But it must be voiced in the mortal realm so I asked Him to pour His healing waters over the man’s head to loosen up the crud. Then I was told to ask for angels with hoses to power wash the crud off of him. I saw hoses coming in and angels grabbing them. Z later said the hoses were pretty cool because they came by themselves, like snakes and were different colors. Actually they were colors of the Chakras. (Now that should be interesting to many of you.) The angels then hosed him off. I should mention that much of what was on him was not his fault. He has been a whipping boy for many people and also takes peoples stuff to himself.

One person we did had some other surprises. When I lay hands on them I will start at the head and work my way down. As I got to this person’s waist I saw something there. Now I’m not even close to being as sighted as Z is and I heard the words “satanic apron” so I asked Z if there was an apron there. She said there was and it was satanic. I saw the apron with all its symbols. This woman had many ancestral curses and this was one of them. It was not her fault it was there, nonetheless, it was there. I saw that it was anchored on the sides into her body. I used my knife to cut at the anchor points and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to burn the apron and its symbols and send it to hell. He did. I then asked Him to gently remove the anchors, etc. Then we found “brands” in her back. It was the symbol you’d find on the corresponding area on the front of the LDS temple garment, only reversed. What we didn’t tell the person was yes they had been branded into her back, but the branding iron had been shoved into her and then cut off leaving the branding piece inside. It was still there with the scar tissue covering it. The Lord Jesus Christ had to perform surgery on her to remove it. There was some more done for her but this should give you an idea of the wild and wacky spiritual world out there. We warned her that she would be sore for a few days. Later as we were sitting there talking she exclaimed that she was already sore.

This woman came here to mortality during this time to stop the familial curses. These things on her were not her fault! She will be coming back for more work and the curses and other darkness within her family line will be destroyed. That will be accomplished through our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. None of us here are healers, He is the healer. Though in mortality it does require mortals to voice and exercise faith for these things to happen.

It would be easily possible for me to go on for many pages about what we’ve encountered on people, in their homes and on their property. It can be a wacky spiritual world. What I hope to understand one day is why we are not taught any of this. We seem to go blithely along in life, with crap all over us and we don’t care. We purchase property or homes where anciently the nastiest of nasty things were done there and we seem to put our master bedroom or our child’s room over the worst portal on the property. Then our children or we have issues, our family falls apart and we can’t figure out why. We have our family member go to his bishop for a blessing and the youngster sees demons in the bishop’s office while there. The blessing accomplishes nothing and the youth goes home, telling his parents about the demons in the office. He wants to know why and they have no answers. True story. I guess the bottom line there is, if your child is spiritually sighted, perhaps it would be better to not send him to the bishops office.

Or how about the young man that tells his grandma while looking in the mirror with her that his eyes are too bright, they need to be several shades darker. Then lets her know that the demons in the home have taught him how to make them go several shades darker. He leaves for a few minutes and comes back and his eyes are noticeably darker. Would this bother any of you? He then took her around the home and showed her where the “cold spots” were. She could feel the difference. He then told her that is where they come through from hell.

Wacky, wacky world, I tell you.

Addendum from Z: If you are really hot and want to cool off, just find a level 18 portal and put your bed over it.