Two evil brothers

I have a question.

The Royal pedophile, Prince Andrew is friends with Jeffery Epstein and is found to have been on the Lolita express to Epstein’s Pedophile Island. He was photographed with an underage girl that he most likely had sex with and says he never met her and doesn’t know her. It goes on and on.

This comes out in the main stream media and he is thrown under the bus, kicked out of the palace by the Queen reptilian and who knows what will happen next.

His brother, Prince Charles was best friends with Jimmy Savile, a known and confirmed pedophile. He was always hanging out with the “Royalty.” Especially with Charles. This man, Savile, was vile and evil. He was a procurer of children for the British elite. He procured many for himself. After he died, they found graves of young boys on his property.

Nothing is said or written about Charles and his relationship with Savile. Savile was a disc jockey on the radio in his twenties and had the highest security clearance to the royal palace. What for you ask? I’ll let you figure out that based on what reptilians have a taste for.

Why was one brother thrown under the bus and Charley gets off?

Oh, because he is untouchable and the next in line to the throne. This is all strange to me anyway. The so called British Royal family is from Germany, they are of German blood, not British. They changed their name around the time of WWI when the Brits were at war with the Germans to Windsor. What’s up with that? Not so good to be in England with a German name when Germany is trying to destroy the British Empire?

Anyway, two sets of rules. Do we do the same?

Are you kidding? We have one set of rules for the little people and another for the so called elites. They seem to get off doing whatever they desire. This is exactly like the Gadianton robbers in the Book of Mormon. Want to read about our day and what the government, the so called leaders, judges, and lawyers are like. Then read about what the Gadiantons did anciently. It is the same murder and intrigue today as then.

Some day we will see them for what they are, especially the cold blooded ones like Hillary and Obama. And I do mean cold blooded. Pun intended.

Evil is growing exponentially on this planet. I wonder how much long mother earth will allow this human infection to stay on her surface. If the earth quakes and fires are any indication, she is tired of the human condition or is it human vermin?

The ONLY chance we have is to find our Lord Jesus Christ and put Him into our lives, become like Him and do God’s will in all things like He did while mortal on this planet.


We went north to help some people the other day and my sighted friend made the comment that that the dark evil dome being created over the Salt Lake Valley and Utah county valley is sure growing fast. It is getting wider, darker and stronger. I wonder what happens when it is finished. It sure is hard to go up there these days, the darkness is palpable.

I was chatting with my sighted daughter the other day. She is still being shown what is coming and not liking it or wanting to see it. The Savior requires it of her. I wonder why? To be a witness beforehand?

She did tell me that one of the first things we get to experience will be the riots, especially in the larger cities.

That is why my new theme song is from the television show “Green Acres.”

“Farm livin’ is the life for me.”

Have a great week.

And do me a favor. Please don’t believe anything on this site. Pray always to our Father and our Savior and ask if it is true. Don’t ever follow flesh, doing so just brings curses. Those tendrils are a bugger to get rid of.

Are there reptilians in the Utah elite? Just wondering.