Virtue, the spirit of life

There are things that happen doing His work that are not pleasant. I know, that is a shock to some of you……

A while ago a woman said some derogatory things about us and what we are about on social media. As happens, people like to “share” and this was shared with me.

Her comments were in regards to doing energy work, clearing people and portalcisms. Seems when she does energy work on people it “energizes” her, she gets filled up with energy. She can’t understand why we have said in the past on more than a few occasions how it depletes us, indicating we were doing it wrong or perhaps working for the wrong side in this war.

Let’s take a look at a few others that were or are involved in what some call “energy work” to see what they have experienced.

First in the book of Luke, chapter eight, in the New Testament where the woman with the issue of blood for twelve years touched the “border of His garment, and immediately her issue of blood stanched.”

Remember when He asked who had touched him and Peter told him that there were many people there touching Him. But this was a different kind of touch. The Lord then stated, “Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.”

On a different occasion the scriptures state: “And the whole multitude sought to touch him: for there went virtue out of him, and healed them all.” (Luke 6:19)

The Lord Jesus Christ understood that when healing was done, power or what was called virtue went out of Him. I know my sighted daughter has been shown his life and saw that on many occasions He went into the mountains to get away and recharge himself. Doing healing work evidently takes energy, power, or “virtue” from even the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let’s read about another person that experienced the same thing, some guy named Joseph Smith Jr.

“Elder Jedediah M. Grant enquired of me the cause of my turning pale and losing strength last night while blessing children. I told him that I saw that Lucifer would exert his influence to destroy the children that I was blessing, and I strove with all the faith and spirit that I had to seal upon them a blessing that would secure their lives upon the earth; and so much virtue went out of me into the children, that I became weak, from which I have not yet recovered; and I referred to the case of the woman touching the hem of the garment of Jesus. The virtue here referred to is the spirit of life; and a man who exercises great faith in administering to the sick, blessing little children, or confirming, is liable to become weakened.” (March 14, 1843.) D.H.C. 5:303

What an incredible statement! The “virtue here referred to is the spirit of life.” My sighted friend has talked much about when doing this work it takes your life energy. When I have had hands on others doing a clearing, many times we have to stop before they are completely cleared. Why? Because their life energy is going down. You see it also will take their life energy to clear or help heal themselves. Sometimes it gets low enough we have to stop and let them recover for several months or more before we can continue with their clearing. Evidently it goes both ways. Your life energy is what is taken out of you doing His work. You have the examples and proof here before you. I know many of you have experienced this.

About three years ago, my sighted friend and I were up north doing portalcisms. It had been a very busy time for what seemed like months on end helping others. As we drove down State Street my cell phone went off. I answered and it was the person I call the “Dude.” He asked where I was and what I was doing. I told him were out helping others by clearing their homes, property and them. He told me that we were doing too much, that we needed to get more rest in between helping others. He said if we didn’t that we’d crash.

He was right, we crashed on Dec. 22 of that year and didn’t do anything but recover until April, nearly a four month rest.

Even today when we go out to help others, it requires several days rest after to get renewed enough to go out again. I feel it myself and see it in my sighted friend. The Lord Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith are right, virtue or power does go out of you when doing His work.

This is why when some email or call asking for help I tell them that I’ll put them on the list. Unfortunately, that list is long and it takes months to get back to them. Some understand and are very patient, others not so much.

There are other scriptures I could site, like when Joseph Smith or Moses were in front of Deity and found themselves on their faces or quite tired after the experience. I’ll let you look them up.

I asked my sighted friend why one might claim the opposite, that they were energized by doing energy or healing work.

Her comment? “Some people are energy vampires.”


The other requirement for us is to sacrifice before doing the work. This usually involves a twenty-four hour fast. Sometimes there are other kinds of sacrifices involved. We won’t discuss that here.

As is always the case, please go to your Father and get verification of this principle. Don’t you dare believe a mortal without getting confirmation from the Gods of Light first. Otherwise, you might get Snidley Whiplashed. You remember him, when he lost to the good guy he said, “Curses, foiled again.” He should have said, “Curses, tendriled again.”