Doug Tales 97: Natural Law, Part Seven

Doug Mendenhall taught about the seventh principle of natural law (“gender”) by showing what happens to a person who is too left brain or right brain dominant. The thinking and behaviors of overly left brain individuals often manifest as rigid skepticism, scientism, authoritarianism, moral relativism, and/or even atheism. Those who are too right brain dominant show up with naiveté, blind belief, and religious extremism. Right brain dominant people are ruled by emotion, and are often order following, self-loathing, and full of feelings of unworthiness.

The Gods of Light encourage us to be in harmony with the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves while spiritual evil always pushes the opposite. Doug talks about such holistic being in I See…Awake! (2015), on pages 46-47. He also talks about the need for both a Father and a Mother for us to exist in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020), on pages 45-47 and 17:

Natural Law Principle 7. Everything has its masculine and feminine parts or principles. This is on all levels of existence.

When Kitten talks of “God” doing something, usually she means Mother and Father because as God declared, the one is not without the other. “Nevertheless neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 11:11)

We are able to see this principle when looking at our Heavenly Parents. They are in harmony and balance, physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, in every way.

Even the mind has two sides, a masculine and feminine side and they must be in balance. If the two sides are out of balance, it can cause a multitude of problems. If we are out of balance with this law it causes problems. The Adversary seeks to keep us out of balance.


God is not an androgynous Being as some today are describing God as being, but two separate Beings, one Male and one Female. They are of one purpose and therefore are One. In our workshops whenever we talked about God, we were always talking about our Heavenly Parents, our Mother and Father. Snuffer makes the statement: “Intelligences [here he’s talking about spirits] require parents in the plural; otherwise they could not acquire independence of thought.” He explained further:

“When the Father and Mother hold the thought (or word, or intelligence) long enough, with faith in the existence of this new creation, while neither one is fully controlling the individual intelligence, then existence becomes possible. The person has everything necessary to exist in her own right. It becomes possible for the intelligence to make her own choice. Only when the intelligence accepts that right and makes a choice freely, without control by the Father and Mother, does the intelligence begin to exist.

“‘All truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence also; otherwise there is no existence.’ (D&C 93:30).) It was an act of faith by God the Father and His consort to cause the intelligence to be conceived or organized. But it requires an act of faith on the part of the intelligence to exercise her own free will to accept its creation. Unless she is free to act by making her own choice and actually does so, there is no existence.” (Beloved Enos, pp. 19–20)

It takes a Male and a Female working together to create a spirit. But it is only when that particular intelligence makes a choice to become like our Mother or to become like our Father that They can then produce a spirit out of that intelligence. As the scriptures state, choice is required or there is no existence. (D&C 93:30) Once created as a spirit, they reside in the Celestial realms with their Parents and have much schooling or classwork. It will then be the same when a spirit decides it wants to progress in its creation, take on flesh, and become mortal; it has always been our own personal choice at all levels of creation. Then the Parents can do what is necessary to produce the environment that allows this choice of taking on mortality. Let’s continue.

“It is difficult for created or organized intelligences [spirits] to have faith in their autonomy from God, their Heavenly Parents [Notice, here Snuffer uses God as a plural, meaning Mother and Father], while they are in the presence of their Creators. They have difficulty even imagining such a thing.” (Beloved Enos, p. 20)

And as Snuffer said on page 27 of Beloved Enos:

“While the faith to become self-existent can be demonstrated, explained, or taught: it cannot be given! It must grow within each individual. God can urge us on like a parent, but we must take the flight alone. Although this Second Estate is perfectly organized to allow us to develop faith in our own independence, it is also perfectly organized to allow us to develop the capacity to choose for ourselves whether we will use our separate existence to voluntarily follow the Plan of Happiness—the path of self-existence—the path of the Gods.”

In 2018 Snuffer gave a talk about “Our Divine Parents.” It is well worth reading. On pages 313–314 he said:

“For us the Mother’s greatest accomplishment has been to take the seed of God the Father and magnify it. She controls and weaves His seed into Their organized spirit offspring. From Their glory, or intelligence, She produces organized intelligences, or spirits. One of the titles for the Heavenly Mother is “The Great Weaver” because She formed unorganized intelligence into organized spirits becoming the Mother of All Living. All of us are intimately connected to Her, for we came from Her.” (“Our Divine Parents,” in Eight Essays)


During my studies I was to learn about Walter Cruttenden and his book Lost Star of Myth and Time. His theory for the Precession of the Equinox is that our Solar System is a binary system, meaning it has two stars—or suns. As NASA’s telescopes have gotten bigger and better, they have found that over 80% of the solar systems they are able to see have two, three, or even four stars in them. It is more uncommon to not have multiple stars in a solar system. I wonder when they get bigger and better telescopes if they will find that all solar systems have at least two stars in them. Seems to me that God doesn’t do solo acts. One of the laws of nature even states that there must be a feminine and male aspect to all things and all things have their opposites. This follows natural law that states there is always a male and female aspect, even on the macro and the micro levels.