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Doug Tales 103: Evil Entities, Part Three

The winds and waves and all things are subject to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His power is greater than all evil spirits and entities, and they know and will acknowledge Him. Doug Mendenhall includes this trait… Read More

Doug Tales 102: Evil Entities, Part Two

Because evil spirits cannot generate energy on their own, they act like parasites and seek out people to take energy from through possession. Doug Mendenhall includes this trait of evil entities in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012)… Read More

Doug Tales 101: Evil Entities, Part One

Doug Mendenhall shares ten “characteristics of evil entities” as chapter seven of his book, Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012), pp. 64-72. The first characteristic he mentions on pages 64-65 shows the spiritual coming into the physical, with… Read More

Doug Tales 100: The People & Zion

On October 23, 2004, Doug Mendenhall spoke in American Fork, Utah, at one of the last Ezekiel Conferences. He talked for half an hour about spiritual gifts that people have, science fiction stories written by Zenna Henderson in… Read More

Doug Tales 99: What’s Coming

Doug Mendenhall’s daughter could see spiritually things happening now and in the future. Doug quotes her in an email on June 11, 2016 about the future—our potential future: I recently re-read some interesting comments that Denise made several… Read More

Doug Tales 98: Natural Law, Part Eight

What do we love? What do we really want in our lives, as shown by our daily thoughts, feelings and actions? Care/Focus — the eighth natural law principle — sums up all of the others with its emphasis… Read More

Doug Tales 97: Natural Law, Part Seven

Doug Mendenhall taught about the seventh principle of natural law (“gender”) by showing what happens to a person who is too left brain or right brain dominant. The thinking and behaviors of overly left brain individuals often manifest… Read More

Doug Tales 96: Natural Law, Part Six

The sixth principle of natural law, cause and effect, expressly relates to the other natural laws, reinforcing the concept that all of the natural laws will take effect at some time. Are we creating positive or negative effects… Read More

Doug Tales 95: Natural Law, Part Five

Doug Mendenhall taught that everything goes through cycles, yet everything has a rhythm or a pattern to it. What seems to be random is actually very orderly. Everything around us happens with purpose (D&C 122:7). There is nothing… Read More

Doug Tales 94: Natural Law, Part Four

Doug Mendenhall often used a “back door approach” to understanding spiritual light, by looking at the parallel opposite of spiritual evil. If the adversary works according to natural law, Doug taught, then one can use those same principles… Read More