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Doug Tales 71: Competence, Part One

Conquering spiritual evil in a competent way is a skill. It is partly an intellectual concept, but even more something learned in the conscious doing. Doug Mendenhall used various analogies of learning skills in his writings. He returned… Read More

Doug Tales 70: Earthbound Spirits, Part Six

Each of us as human beings is a creator, someone who creates through our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Doug Mendenhall spent a fair amount of time understanding the impact we each can have on others as we create… Read More

Doug Tales 69: Imagination

Joseph Smith defined faith as a principle of power, something that takes work and uses work. Faith is not just belief, but focused action or work based on that belief in our Savior. Doug Mendenhall practiced to develop… Read More

Doug Tales 68: Spiritually Sighted, Part Two

Do we need our physical eyes to perceive things around us spiritually? What about people in history and modern times who are legally and physically blind, but can still see with their spiritual sight? Doug Mendenhall explains a… Read More

Doug Tales 67: Spiritually Sighted, Part One

Doug Mendenhall met thousands of people who could perceive metaphysically beyond the “normal” common experience of most people. He found himself explaining to many non-sighted people, especially in leadership positions in various social organizations, about the reality of… Read More

Doug Tales 66: Evil Assumptions

Who is the author of the lies about the adversary? What is the purpose of such lies? Doug Mendenhall points out many so-called sophisticated assumptions which people proclaim about darkness and evil in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One… Read More

Doug Tales 65: Cars and Angels, Part Two

Can a highway patrolman be an angel? Doug Mendenhall prayed for and then met one service-minded helper on his way home from a family outing years ago, as he explains in Possibilities: Lessons From the Spirit (2002), pp…. Read More

Doug Tales 64: Cars and Angels, Part One

Doug Mendenhall loved to drive cars and trucks, which trait he inherited from his father who also had been a very experienced driver. Doug learned from his sighted daughter that he was not alone driving. In fact, one… Read More

Doug Tales 63: Auras, Part Three

What happens spiritually when you interact with someone who the world defines as handicapped or disabled? Can you energetically be impacted by the aura or energy field that is around and associated with such a person? Can you… Read More

Doug Tales 62: Auras, Part Two

One dictionary definition of the term, “aura” is “an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being.” Doug Mendenhall learned from his youngest daughter Denise in 1999 that different colors of auras exist around people,… Read More