Month: April 2020


So how is your mind control training going? Are you social distancing? Are you wearing your face mask? Are you getting your arm ready for your vaccine and the assault or death it may bring to your body?… Read More


From an unpublished talk in my possession given by a man I know from August 16, 2008: “You have people looking upon you and having faith as a consequence of what you’re doing. You’re called savior on Mt… Read More


It was beyond incredulous when the Governor of California said that they like “snitches” there. He told them to turn their neighbors in for disobeying his mandates, his stay at home orders. Is this satanic? I know for… Read More

Pretty cool, I’d say

We did a generational healing yesterday. I was told to share some things with you. Since there are only ten of you, I’m okay with that. Before we do any work for the Lord Jesus Christ we will… Read More

Tough choices

On the way home from the portalcism last week we stopped at a convenience store for a break. After taking care of business, I got a bottle of water and headed towards the cashiers to pay for the… Read More

Weary the Lord God

“God is not a respecter of persons. We all have the same privilege. Come unto God. Weary Him until He blesses you.” (Joseph Smith Jr., Words, P. 15) Weary the Lord God? What in the heck for? Doesn’t… Read More

Really know Him

Spent nearly three hours yesterday with a group of people that were so bored staying at home they came here to chat! Actually, it was fun. One of the main questions they had were about portals and what… Read More

Line upon line

“For he will give unto the faithful line upon line, precept upon precept; and I will try you and prove you herewith.” (D&C 98:12) I know this has been applied to us mortals. I have seen where it… Read More


On this day, His birthday, much gratitude is offered. For all that He has done for us. All that He will do for us. For His love and concern, His succor for our trials and failings. For His… Read More