Month: March 2023

Doug Tales 111: Can I Be a Minion? Part One

Doug Mendenhall writes about minions on pages 6-7 of I See…Awake! (2015). He says that if sinners “don’t repent then eventually they are taken to the bottom of hell, and if they choose to do evil are made… Read More

Doug Tales 110: Evil Entities, Part Ten

This is the last of the ten characteristics of evil entities described by Doug Mendenhall in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012), with this one on page 72. Later, in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020) on pp…. Read More

Doug Tales 109: Evil Entities, Part Nine

There are different levels of dark spirits, and therefore different levels of what is required to cast them out of an individual. Doug Mendenhall shares two experiences about casting out evil entities, one by Joseph Smith and the… Read More

Doug Tales 108: Evil Entities, Part Eight

Once a person invites evil spirits into their life, the entities push any boundaries possible. Doug Mendenhall talks about such traits in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012), p. 70, and Possibilities: Lessons From the Spirit (2002), pp…. Read More