Month: April 2017

Choices and Habits

We will continue with Empaths later. There are a few things I wanted to write about while they have been freshly stepped in….. A young couple lived across the street from us and the wife developed cancer. It… Read More

People of the Heart – Part 2

If there is a problem for Empaths, it is they take on others people’s “junk” without getting permission from the Lord Jesus Christ to do so. When they do get His permission it can be a transcendent experience… Read More

People of the Heart – Part One – from a 50+ yr. old empath

“I am an Empath – Which basically means I feel everything! If I choose, and more than most people believe I should.” “Since I was a small child I could feel life at such a deep level of… Read More

From a 17 yr. old empath

Below is from a 17 year old empath that we had the incredible opportunity to work with. She is quite the young woman and is learning how to use her gifts. Enjoy. She said I could edit whatever… Read More

“I don’t have the right equipment”

The several times when I “took on” another person’s physical problems I looked at them as one time experiences. I had never really considered myself to be empathic. Though when my friend was dying of congestive heart failure… Read More

Containment Shielding

We are going to take a slight diversion and then get back to empathic people. I’ve mentioned before on here that our largest chapter in Conquering Spiritual Evil is on shielding. But there is one concept about shielding… Read More

Sands of Time

Back in 1999 when our daughter, Denise, had been hospitalized with her stroke, coma, and three day NDE, I had an experience we’ve written about before where I watched a movie before heading up to the hospital. At… Read More

(Softly) Ashley, can you hear me?

“Dad, I think we need to take Ashley to get her hearing checked,” my middle daughter said one day. “Why is that?” I asked. “Well, we will ask her to come here or do something and she just… Read More

Trained in the Ministry

It will be 17 years this November 5th that my life changed somewhat. Our youngest daughter had a diabetic coma, stroked the left side of her brain destroying it, was declared she would die but never did, and… Read More

Belief and Energy

I remember hearing about the woman who would cut off the ends of the pot roast. Her young daughter asked her why she did this and she had no idea except her mother had also done the same… Read More