Month: November 2019

Dark Domes?

I’ve chatted about this subject with my sighted daughter and sighted friend. What subject you ask? You may need to expand your box a little. We know the war that is going on is spiritual. We have discussed… Read More

Serious Minds

One of my friends commented he loved a post because of the “loving spirit” with it. Maybe I’d better put out a notice now for this one. Just know, I don’t write unless I’m told the content. That… Read More

Swimming in the cesspool of life?

If you attended a swimming meet, what would you see or experience? Water, Moms and Dads, swimmers, brothers, sisters, and coaches? The thrill of victory for your child or the agony of defeat? If you were an empath… Read More

Sticks and stones…..

There are times when you get another assignment and then He gives you the right saying or has someone send you the right quote. Those times are sure interesting. I received this quote in part of an email… Read More


While doing a clearing on a man, my witty nature took over. I say this in total jest. Yes, there are times when I like to joke and have fun. There have been times when it was not… Read More

Faux pleasure center

While doing so many clearings over the past few years the Lord Jesus Christ had slowly given me the gift of sight. Let me clarify that statement, He has given me the gift of sight when I properly… Read More

Is this what PTSD feels like?

I am not making light of PTSD or anything like it. It is real and I found some of it on me. (That is how I choose to look at it.) I wish it was like that and… Read More

Chocolate Tootsie Pop

I just wanted to share more of this wacky world we live in. A while ago I shared about taking some of the diabetes from a young girl. It was beginning diabetes, but I still experienced some of… Read More