Month: September 2022

Doug Tales 85: The War, Part Two

Many people act as if the war with evil is happening overseas and far away from them. To them, it’s a foreign operation with no local impact. Doug Mendenhall knew from experience that the real battlefront is here… Read More

Doug Tales 84: The War, Part One

What are the ways in which spiritual evil can be conquered? Are there any ways which do not involve awareness, vigilance, struggle, diligence and work, in addition to constantly seeking direction from our Savior Yeshua the Christ? Doug… Read More

Doug Tales 83: Ten Instead of Five, Redux

Doug Mendenhall had $12 in his pocket when a beggar asked him for some of it. Doug gave $5 unhesitatingly, despite not knowing when and if he would get more money or food himself. Then Doug describes another… Read More

Doug Tales 82: Traveling, Part Two

“I’m used to it” was the statement by Doug Mendenhall’s daughter when talking about traveling in the spirit versus someone without much experience trying to do the same thing. Doug shares about his spirit flying at night in… Read More