Month: September 2017

“Nice ‘Chia pet’ hair Marge”

Let’s continue with Bert and Marge and their story. Some have emailed telling me how “funny” the last post was. Yesterday it had some funny elements to me, today not so much. We did eight clearings today. Z… Read More

“Hey Marge!”

We have been in many homes where all the rooms and closets have dark portals in them. (A portal is a “doorway” to hell.) In some homes that seems to be the norm. Their property have also been… Read More

Do I dare go “all the way?”

No, I’m not talking about some senior coed at BYU out on a date with a little freshman boy. I’m talking about when we go out to do portalcisms or clearings, do we go “all the way” and… Read More

“Mamma Bear”

I had a visit to the most amazing chiropractor yesterday. He has attended some of our seminars and workshops, so he is familiar with our “goofiness.” Wow, what a good man, what a great chiropractor. Why? Because he… Read More

“This recovery hurts so bad it could kill me!”

People come here for clearings and we often tell them they may experience pain or other symptoms associated with what was taken off of them. Though I honestly don’t know if they believe us or not. Sometimes I… Read More

It a Wacky World

It’s a wacky world out there. And an even wackier spirit world. We were able to have a mini vacation during July and when we came back it’s as if hell showed up. (As if it wasn’t here… Read More