Month: May 2020

How many times?

That is a good question, isn’t it? How many times will it take or how many chances will the Savior give us? You can read in the Book of Mormon about all the times a group of people… Read More

Encounters – part two

This process is about being a process. As we’ve discussed before, it is line upon line, here a little and there a little. From the unpublished Snuffer talk we read: “This is what Joseph was trying to get… Read More


“Every member of the Council of the Twelve Apostles should have, and I feel sure have had, the knowledge of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This does not have to come by direct visitation of the Savior, but… Read More

Third eye

When ancient civilizations are studied, there are indications that they lived at a higher level than we do now – spiritually. That many were able to see through the veil, as it was an accepted thing and part… Read More

Let’s take a look

We have talked about portals and why they are where they are. Today we want to show you a little more about that concept. Below is a drawing of the basement of a home being built where anciently… Read More


Before every clearing we do I ask in prayer for the ability to see metaphysically better than I saw during the last clearing. Some days you wonder if that is a wise idea. We ended up doing several… Read More


Noun: untruthfulness More on the above in a minute. Yesterday’s post caused a few to not be happy. I am sorry for that, as it was not my intent. I was told by some that I am not… Read More