Month: October 2019

Happy Hedonism/Sadism Day

Today is the day! It’s the day we invite hell into our house and lives. It’s the day we celebrate sadistic, hedonistic values and act them out. I remember when I lived in the Salt Lake City area… Read More


Evidence or the fruit is one way to dispel ignorance. As written in a past post, my daughter’s son had an entity in his cheek with long sharp finger nails that caused him to itch his face until… Read More

Just a Band-Aid

I received the following witness to the Encapsulation posts. “After reading your recent posts about encapsulation, I thought I would share my experience with that concept. When I came to you this past summer for a clearing, one… Read More

Encapsulation part two

After hearing about the encapsulation principle and how well it worked for my sighted daughter on her son, I couldn’t wait to apply it in my life. The principle about waiting on the Lord Jesus Christ never occurred… Read More


Encapsulation: the action of enclosing something in or as if in a capsule. Our sighted daughter called to ask a question. This is something she does quite often, and since it is usually what I would call a… Read More