Month: September 2023

Doug Tales 137: The Conscious Mind, Part One

Do you ever spend any time thinking about thinking? That is, do you really know how your mind works, and how you personally respond to the many things around you seeking to influence your thoughts? Or, as Doug… Read More

Doug Tales 136: Sacrifice, Part Three

Doug Mendenhall sought learning from a wide variety of people and sources. He shares thoughts on the topic of sacrifice from two individuals in I See…Awake! (2015), on pages 61-62 and 290, 294-296. The first thoughts are three… Read More

Doug Tales 135: Friends, Part Five

Abraham “was called the Friend of God.” (James 2:23, see also 2 Chronicles 20:7, Isaiah 41:8) How can each of us follow Abraham’s example and truly be a friend to God and to others in the way our… Read More

Doug Tales 134: Friends, Part Four

Doug Mendenhall once said that one of the things he wanted to overcome in this life was how easy it was for him to get angry. As a result, he believed God gave him many opportunities to practice… Read More