Month: August 2019


I have long been an observer of people and things. In the past I have quite enjoyed this pastime. After much observation, these past couple of days I have wondered who or when it was decided that truth… Read More

Some days

Some days are like that. Like what you say? Some days are pretty cool. You actually forget about the hell this earth has become. Received a call today from a man we had the privilege of helping last… Read More

Laws not remembered

Natural Law, something we have discussed in past posts and in the “I See….Awake!” book. In his Moab, Utah talk, titled “Zion Will Come”, Denver Snuffer made the following statement speaking about the Adversary and his plan with… Read More


Here they are: Part One: “Introduction,” Doug Mendenhall   Part Two: “Are We Really in the Last Days?” Kitten   Part Three: “Denise Information,” Doug Mendenhall

Amen to that

I read this quote this morning. All I can say is praise God! I love when God speaks, be it through a man or a woman. “These glories are called Telestial, Terrestrial and Celestial, which is the highest,… Read More

Yes, it’s all real

Some people claim they learned everything they needed to know in Kindergarten. Personally I don’t make that claim, but I sure do learn as the Padewan on road trips to help out others among other things. The past… Read More

DTB – Dark Translated Being

Continuing on with yesterday’s story, why would a dark translated being put a little boy in a toy chest? I asked my sighted friend to take a look at what happened. I had “looked through my glass darkly”… Read More


Apparently this “free” blog site will not allow the talks to be posted because the files are too large. We will try to solve this problem in the next day or two. Sorry about this. Please don’t offer… Read More

Remote controls and addiction bombs!

On July 19 we did a post about “Integration” and how much had been learned about it. Well, the Adversary just keeps on giving. During the past few months we have noticed how they are changing up how… Read More