Month: February 2021

Doug Tales 2: Possibilities and Lessons from the Spirit

Doug Mendenhall’s second book Possibilities continued the story from his first book about what happened to him and his family after his youngest daughter survived a diabetic coma in late 1999. While in the coma for three days,… Read More

Doug Tales 1: “Now You Understand How I Feel”

This blog post is the start of us sharing here—now and then—some of Doug Mendenhall’s tales for those who haven’t heard them before, and to remind those who have. Doug shared many personal experiences in his books. These… Read More

Next Steps/Looking Forward

Twenty-one years ago, Doug Mendenhall (1957-2020) was introduced to the metaphysical world as a result of his youngest daughter’s near-death experience and subsequent events. He learned up close and personal that much reality exists beyond our visible world…. Read More

Doug Mendenhall Memorial Recording

The funeral and interment services for Doug Mendenhall on December 29, 2020 were recorded and are now available online. An audio recording of his funeral is at: An audio recording of the graveside service is at: We are… Read More