Month: July 2023

Doug Tales 129: Agency, Part Three

One way to understand the concept of agency is to look at cause and effect. What is one person’s motivation, reason for, and/or cause for the effect of stepping on the agency of another? What fear, false belief… Read More

Doug Tales 128: Agency, Part Two

Christ gives and Satan takes. And Christ waits while Satan intervenes. One honors our agency while the other does not. Doug Mendenhall teaches about giving up – and taking – agency in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020),… Read More

Doug Tales 127: Tired Leg Syndrome

One of Doug Mendenhall’s talents was his ability to learn via the school of hard knocks. Again and again, he would make a mistake of some sort based on incorrect assumptions, figure out a better way (with God’s… Read More

Will Ye Hear? Part Two (I See…Awake! Audiobook)

Doug Mendenhall’s book, I See…Awake! (2015) has been recorded and the audio files are now available free of charge from this website. Go to “Audio-2” at the top of the website. Within that page, click on a chapter… Read More

Doug Tales 126: Humility

It’s been said that in America everyone talks, but no one listens. So many “self-help” authors, and not so many readers. Not many people in enough pain yet in order to even start looking for answers. How does… Read More

Doug Tales 125: Fools Crow and Poppa Johns

On August 16, 2008, Doug Mendenhall spoke in Sandy, Utah, at a seminar he playfully called “the Johnson Family Reunion.” He spoke on various subjects, with part of his focus on what we can learn from the healing… Read More