Month: July 2022

Doug Tales 76: Ways to Sin

Who is running the show at your house? That is, are you living according to truth or fear, according to love or lies, according to light or darkness? Doug Mendenhall found in his many encounters with all kinds… Read More

Doug Tales 75: Spoon Bending, Part Two

Doug Mendenhall includes some brief observations by a sighted friend of his who attended the spoon bending seminar he talks about in I See…Arise! (2016) on pages 38-39: “I brought a set of heavy, thick teaspoons for the… Read More

Doug Tales 74: Spoon Bending, Part One

Conquering spiritual evil involves focusing one’s mental, emotional and physical energy to bring the spiritual into the physical. Doug Mendenhall learned of a tool to focus one’s energy (with silverware), and sponsored a seminar in 2006 to teach… Read More

Doug Tales 73: Competence, Part Three

Jesus Christ taught a parable about building on a solid foundation or a sandy foundation. All that came later in the builders’ lives was the result of what they chose to build upon and how. In a similar… Read More