Month: June 2020

My Brother

My brother, Hugh, transitioned last Saturday, the day before we left for Arizona to help some wonderful people. He had not informed any family other than his wife and children, that his cancer had come back after some… Read More


We had six clearings scheduled yesterday and ended up doing eleven. Some days are like that. We did clearings for a wonderful family of six in the morning. Before they showed up several of us decided that we… Read More

New Book

Because some have asked: The new book, Conquering Spiritual Evil Vol. 2, is done. It has been formatted and is going through the final proof reading. We are doing pre-orders to see how many to print for the… Read More

Things shared

Some things just need to be shared. It has been a real busy month and is about to get better/worse as we head out this Sunday. (Yes, we leave on Father’s Day.) I really wanted to share some… Read More

What babies?

For years I’ve heard this comment from many people, “Where is the most dangerous place for a black person, male or female? The answer, “In its mother’s womb.” Watch the video where you will see medical workers not… Read More

A Little Chat

For many years now my sighted daughter has heard from the Savior that the USA will become like Nazi Germany was. Since the events of the past months with the fake pandemic and the recent “peaceful” demonstrations, she… Read More

It’s being built

On July 27th of last year my sighted friend and I gave talks in Sandy, Utah about this area, Utah, the US, and coming challenges in the not so distant future. The recordings are on this blog somewhere… Read More

Undercover nurse

This is why I don’t trust lab coats. My good bud wrote and wanted me to “hear [me] preach more about embracing love, light and truth, rather than berating the darkness, since that leads to anger, frustration… Read More