Month: June 2023

Doug Tales 124: The Intent of His Heart

“‘Yes,’ she replied to me mentioning all the good he had done, ‘but why did he do those things? What was the intent of his heart?’” Doug Mendenhall had a neighbor who did a lot of service for… Read More

Doug Tales 123: Energy Work, Part Three

What do you “see” spiritually? Doug Mendenhall cautions in I See…Arise! (2016), pp. 50-54 that the terms “perceive,” “sense,” and “feel” are usually more accurate than “see” for most people learning about energy work. The visual terms which… Read More

Doug Tales 122: Energy Work, Part Two

Robert Bruce teaches in his book, Energy Work (2007) that individuals need to actually feel the energy flowing through them. This is distinct from and more than only visualizing and imagining the energy moving. Based on his own… Read More

Doug Tales 121: Energy Work, Part One

Is energy work the same as spiritual work? Doug Mendenhall explores various aspects of energy work in I See…Arise! (2016), pp. 45-47: Years ago I read a book about calling down the powers of heaven in order to… Read More