Doug Tales 122: Energy Work, Part Two

Robert Bruce teaches in his book, Energy Work (2007) that individuals need to actually feel the energy flowing through them. This is distinct from and more than only visualizing and imagining the energy moving. Based on his own personal experiences, Doug Mendenhall agrees, and encourages the readers of I See…Arise! (2016), pp. 47-50 to practice, practice, practice. He says, “Want to become proficient at anything? Then practice. Practice long and hard.”

We will discuss later how our DNA is full of photons or light. When those of an Eastern bent say we are “light beings,” they are speaking the truth. We believe we are “solid,” but we really aren’t. It just takes being here in this “coarse” setting to give our real selves the ability to carry this “denser” material around. We are energy and light, which of course is the same thing. Some just vibrate at a higher frequency, like those of a Terrestrial or Celestial nature do. Back to Robert Bruce:

Vital energies flow through every part of your body. This is every bit as important to life as blood. Just as your physical body will adapt and change in response to lifestyle, exercise, and diet, so will your energy body—for better or worse. When you do energy work, your energy body will be excited into higher levels of activity. And just like working out regularly in a gym improves your physical body, this progressively improves the fitness and functionality of your energy body.

“Psychic and spiritual development are heavily dependent upon energy body activity. Everyone has dormant or partial psychic abilities and everyone has great spiritual potential, but very few people get to realize these things in any significant way. Body awareness-based energy work methods allow for the specific targeting of energy conduits and primary energy centers. By exercising these, they can be activated, developed, and evolved. This translates into actual spiritual development and evolution.” (Energy Work, pp. 6-7)

Robert had told me that Joseph Smith was the greatest American mystic there ever has been. He knows what he is talking about. He understands and has seen in many people that getting off their derriere, practicing, and running energy “translates into actual spiritual development and evolution.” This is why we discussed the concept of going from unconsciously incompetent to unconsciously competent in the last book. Want to become proficient at ANYTHING? Then practice. Practice long and hard. The Lord was no different. He learned line upon line and precept upon precept. He practiced!

Whenever I heard the statement that we must come to know ourselves, it was just a bunch of “new age” or Eastern mumbo jumbo and had no significance. That has changed. Now I understand the extreme importance of coming to know myself in several aspects. One of the more important is to know where I am spiritually, which begins with getting my “energy body” right before my God and ready to receive what He needs to send me for myself or for someone who has come seeking comfort or help. If my energy tank is on empty, can I offer that person anything? Yes, I know we bring in Heaven’s or God’s light to effectuate the work, but if my energy centers are so out of balance, going the wrong direction, or I’m so full of sin that God can’t work through me, what good am I? Think about Frank Fools Crow’s story from the last book in this series. He spent his life getting ready for the next person the Lord would send to him. Is that not what our Lord Jesus Christ did? Are we better than He is?

Let’s continue with Robert Bruce:

“Every cell of your body is alive with bioelectrical activity that produces biomagnetic fields. Beneath this activity exist the layers of subtle and spiritual energy fields that comprise the human energy body. This subtle body is every bit as complex as its physical counterpart, even though it’s subtle and spiritual structures are difficult to detect. “…To truly grasp this you must learn how to feel energy for yourself by feeling and moving your own energy.… Only when you feel your own energy will you truly know that you have an energy body. And only then will you be able to truly work with energy…

“The human energy body has multiple layers and energy centers. Energy centers (also called Chakras) are like the vital organs of the energy body. This includes the seven primary energy centers (major Chakras), hundreds of secondary energy centers, three energy storage centers, and dense areas of tertiary centers (tiny energy exchange pores). There is also a central channel (Sushumna) running up the center of the body, with two major conduits (called Ida and Pingala) winding up either side. This structure is traditionally represented by the caduceus symbol (staff of Hermes).” (Energy Work, pp. 2-3)

I really feel Robert’s book is a must read if someone wants to progress spiritually and energetically. I sure wish this had been taught to me when I was a child. Anciently it was taught. The ancients understood energy and used it daily.