Month: November 2023

Doug Tales 146: Blessings and Clearings, Part Three

Who does the real work when a person is being cleared of evil or dark entities? The man speaking, or Someone Else? Doug Mendenhall reminds us, “He [Christ] is the healer, the Master. We are not” in Conquering… Read More

Doug Tales 145: Blessings and Clearings, Part Two

What is the same and what is different between a blessing and a clearing? Doug Mendenhall explains various aspects of both in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020), pp. 92-94: A blessing is not a clearing. A clearing… Read More

Doug Tales 144: Blessings and Clearings, Part One

Part of conquering spiritual evil is learning to do things the way our Savior wants us to do them. During his life, Doug Mendenhall sought to follow Jesus Christ’s will in all things, and that included when others… Read More

Doug Tales 143: Not Snowflakes

The insult, “flaky” is applied sometimes to people who are immature, inconsistent and unreliable. The modern term, “snowflake,” is a parallel insult for similar people who are not only flaky, but melt emotionally or mentally under the slightest… Read More