Doug Tales 146: Blessings and Clearings, Part Three

Who does the real work when a person is being cleared of evil or dark entities? The man speaking, or Someone Else? Doug Mendenhall reminds us, “He [Christ] is the healer, the Master. We are not” in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020), pp. 93-95:

Of course it is a given that if we do not have priesthood, we do not lay our hands on another individual. When we pretend we have priesthood it will only give the receiver further grief and cause us problems. The dark entities can see if we have true priesthood or not…

The proper way to dismiss entities in a clearing is to ask our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to come and send them to hell or to get rid of them. He has the power and authority evil/dark must honor. Evil entities know and understand the laws they are required to operate under. They know who can send them to hell.

The only other way I know of is if you have been assigned a warrior guardian, then you can ask him to take care of the demons and then send them to hell, and even that is under the authority of our Savior. Most people have not been assigned a warrior guardian. We all have guardians assigned to us from the moment of conception onward. They are guardian angels and are assigned for our protection. Warriors are trained to confront and dispatch evil. As stated they operate under the authority, permission, and direction of our Savior Jesus Christ.

If one thinks they have a warrior guardian and really don’t, I’d be concerned about two things. First, who told you that information or what was the source of it? Second, what are the demons going to do after you ask your non-warrior guardian to dispatch them to hell? Let’s add a third question. Just how fast can you run?

If the person voicing the clearing sees a device on the person along with a demon that is operating it and declares, “I remove the device in your right shoulder, along with the demon that is operating it and send them down to hell.” What will happen?


Once again, we have no power to do anything. You might try asking the Lord Jesus Christ to come and remove whatever is there and to clear it up and heal it. He is the healer, the Master. We are not.

Let me give an example. We were near St. George, Utah, doing a clearing on a very sick woman. I saw something on her and asked my sighted friend, who was there, about it. She told me what it was. But instead of asking the Lord Jesus Christ to remove it, I went on to the next thing. A short while later, my sighted friend asked me if I was going to have the Savior remove the thing I had asked about a minute earlier. “He’s still standing there waiting for you to voice it so He can remove it,” she said.

This was a huge revelation for me. My God, my Savior, was standing there waiting for me to ask Him to remove it.

Again, in a clearing, you are representing the person before the Savior and asking Him to work on them. He will not do anything until a mortal voices what is being asked or desired. It requires both sides of the veil to accomplish this work, mortal and immortal.