Doug Tales 147: Blessings and Clearings, Part Four

Doug Mendenhall continues with things he learned about blessings and clearings in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020), pp. 95-97. Notice that even when he is talking about other things, Doug is always talking—at core—about Christ.

In a clearing, you are representing the person before the Savior and asking Him to work on them. He will not do anything until a mortal voices what is being asked or desired. It requires both sides of the veil to accomplish this work, mortal and immortal.

What about removing things that are not to be removed? On December 22, 2018 we did a portalcism in the Salt Lake City area. After it was done we did two clearings. The woman had been so sick that her husband had to carry her everywhere she needed to go. He was pretty much her complete caregiver. As we worked our way down his body asking the Savior to remove what was of an evil nature, we got to his legs and saw some braces on both. Many times those kind of things are put there to cause pain and physical problems, etc.

I started to ask the Lord Yeshua the Christ to remove them when my sighted friend suddenly almost shouted to not remove them. “They were put there by the Savior to help him have the strength to carry his wife around. He had asked for help and the Savior put them there,” was her reply to my inquisitive look.

Would He have removed them if I had voiced it? Absolutely. I was there as voice for the man that had requested a clearing. The proper priesthood and authority was there and the Savior would have honored the request, though He would not honor a request that would cause loss of life.

This ought to make all of us think about how serious this business is and maybe we should do all that is necessary to prepare and make sure we are right before our Lord Jesus Christ before we venture into these waters.

Years ago Denise and I went around to people and told them our story of “the plant.” It was the homeopathic from a plant I was given that helped my heart issues back in 1999. Nearly every day we would go and see people, tell them our story about the plant, and then sit and wait. We were not allowed to ask them if they wanted some. We knew many, if not all, would benefit from taking the “drops” or homeopathic. If they asked for some we’d give them a bottle of it, never charging. If they didn’t ask for a bottle, we’d leave. Believe it or not, most didn’t ask. However, we did give away some eight hundred bottles that year.

I learned from that experience to not judge, to have no preconceived ideas, and to not jump to conclusions. But, it is still a fight some days. Yes, I am still prone to TLS (Tired Leg Syndrome) on occasion.

Do you think agency is key with the Gods of Light? Did they know the “drops” would help the individuals? Absolutely they did; it came from Them. So why didn’t they have me offer it to those people? I had empathy for these people; I could feel there issues and pains. Do you think I wanted to give it to them? Yes, of course I did, but obeying God was key, and I knew I couldn’t take agency away. Remember, I’d already been given an ultimatum by the Savior when I was stealing Denise’s agency.

As a result of my experiences and getting TLS many times, I have learned we don’t play with other’s agency, nor do we give our own agency away. The God Satan fell because of doing this. He wants us to do so as well. It might be wise to gain an understanding of Tired Leg Syndrome and not jump to conclusions about how and why our God does His work, about why others do what they do, or about what God means when He shares something with you. Conclusions only seem to embarrass us and cause problems. Some of us are so great in our own mind, we don’t see that is a problem. An ego will do that to you.

I remember visiting a sighted man with my sighted friend. At the end of the visit he made the statement that the Lord Jesus Christ has no ego. As soon as we were in the car I turned to my sighted friend and asked if that was a true statement. I felt it was true, but to not have any ego at all was such a foreign concept, I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around it.

“Yes, it’s true,” she replied.

Since then I have come to know it is true. He has no ego, just love and the desire to do His Father’s will in all things.

Might it be better to become one with Him, He who has no ego, no hidden agenda, and do it His way, which is His Father’s way, with love unfeigned and friendly persuasion? Might it be better to not jump to conclusions, to cast out our egos and become like Him in that respect, all the while honoring the God-given agency we are blessed with? Don’t you think?