Month: July 2021

Doug Tales 24: Heaven Took Notice

“Because the people gave of themselves, wanting nothing back, Heaven took notice.” Doug Mendenhall shares the backstory to the unique Country Gardens restaurant on pages 3-6 of I See…Arise! (2016). Around 15 years ago, this restaurant in Sanpete… Read More

Doug Tales 23: I Was Going to Learn Something New!

Can you learn something—anything—different from what you already know if you don’t believe anything could be different from what you already know? What if you visit a medical doctor who shows you a healing device you had never… Read More

Doug Tales 22: Natural Law = God’s Law

Doug Mendenhall starts out his book I See…Awake! (2015) (on pages 11-13) by explaining how natural law is used by good to create freedom or evil to create slavery. He emphasized “natural law” whenever he was involved in… Read More

Doug Tales 21: The Adversary Never Rests, Never Quits

Is demonic possession fake or real? If you have not had experience with the adversary in this way, are you open to believing, or will you look to other explanations? And, how about dealing with or overcoming possession… Read More