Month: May 2023

Doug Tales 120: Sacrifice, Part Two

In his daily life, Doug Mendenhall took seriously Joseph Smith’s teachings about sacrifice. He emphasized that our Savior offers the covenants we need to sacrifice for. We do not initiate or make promises to God on our terms,… Read More

Doug Tales 119: Spiritual Shielding, Part Three

Doug Mendenhall learned quite a lot about the metaphysical world by experimenting again and again, and then asking questions of Christ about what happened. He talks about various experiences with spiritual shielding—both personal and historical—in Conquering Spiritual Evil,… Read More

Doug Tales 118: Spiritual Shielding, Part Two

What do we need to do to consciously have the “Spirit of the Lord” shield and protect us from the negativity and darkness in this world? Doug Mendenhall shares about shielding ourselves spiritually in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume… Read More

Doug Tales 117: Spiritual Shielding, Part One

Would a warrior or soldier consider going into battle without protective armor or shielding? Don’t football, hockey and other sports players wear all kinds of protective gear? To conquer spiritual evil requires defensive and offensive weapons, tools and… Read More

Doug Tales 116: Pour Out My Spirit

On September 21, 1823, Joseph Smith was told that prior to the Second Coming the Lord will “pour out my spirit” as earlier prophesied by Joel in the Old Testament (JS-H 1:41). Years later, Doug Mendenhall experienced the… Read More