Chocolate Tootsie Pop

I just wanted to share more of this wacky world we live in.

A while ago I shared about taking some of the diabetes from a young girl. It was beginning diabetes, but I still experienced some of the symptoms. I didn’t enjoy it.

Two weeks ago my sweetheart and I went to see our sighted daughter in another state. We were able to spend two wonderful days with her and her children.

The next day I started to experience extreme thirst. Then I broke out in a rash and itched. All symptoms of diabetes and reactions to insulin. Oh no, I thought, I must have taken our daughters diabetes. The strange part was having insulin reactions.

There was no way I wanted what a brittle diabetic experiences. The thirst was horrible, constant drinking and you know what goes with that….what goes in one end, well you know the rest.

I called her the next day to get a witness that, indeed, I had done this again.

“Thanks, Dad,” she answered, “my blood sugars have been incredible.”

My sighted friend told me that I was not born an empath, that I have developed that ability over time. But luckily, I’m not a full blow empath. I don’t know how those people deal with life, I really don’t.

Several days later my sighted friend suggested I send that diabetic stuff down to hell. I did. But it still took two weeks for the rash to go away. Strange stuff. I remember her going through the same thing twenty years ago when she started using insulin. It took her two years for the itching and rashes to stop.

In fact, Nov. 5 was what we call “Coma Day” in our home. It was twenty years ago she went into a diabetic coma. Life has never been the same since.


The other day I woke up and told my wife I wanted a chocolate Tootsie Pop. I could see it and even better, taste it. I asked if she had one hidden somewhere and she said that she didn’t, she doesn’t like them. What’s not to like about a chocolate Tootsie Pop I wondered?

I went to the bank and on the floor in front of the teller was one of those small chocolate Tootsie Pops they hand out but never have. I grabbed it and the teller said that was strange, it just lying there on the floor. Besides, she said, they never have chocolate ones left.

Had the Tootsie Pop been manifested? Coincidence? God playing with me? Some angel having fun because he/she was bored? Do angels get bored? I don’t know the answer, but I sure loved the taste of that chocolate Tootsie Pop. Thank you Lord Jesus.


The other experience was when our neighbor had her sewer line get “messed” up. Pun intended.

A friend was digging down to find it with a backhoe to replace it. He’d had a man from the city come out and blue stake the water and sewer lines. What was interesting about that is he didn’t use any electronic equipment to find the lines. He used divining rods. Said he’d been using them for a long time. I believe they were made of copper and were well used.

He did pretty good but forgot to find all of the water lines. My friend was having a hard time with the backhoe finding it.

Along came my sighted friend and we explained the problem. She looked, felt with her hands and said, “You’re two feet short. Dig out to here,” showing him with her hand how far out to dig.

He found the line two feet further out where she had said it was. Ha, isn’t life great!

Some days this wacky world is pretty fun, other days it is just itchy and thirsty with a lot of trips to the john.