Doug Tales 108: Evil Entities, Part Eight

Once a person invites evil spirits into their life, the entities push any boundaries possible. Doug Mendenhall talks about such traits in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012), p. 70, and Possibilities: Lessons From the Spirit (2002), pp. 141-143:

Characteristic #8: Dark entities can cause us to do unthinkable things we would never do otherwise, even cause physical harm to others.

This is easily demonstrated in the phenomenon of “mob mentality.” People talk about there being something that overtakes them, and they do horrible acts that otherwise they might never consider.

I know of a wonderful mother who has tried to kill herself several times because the “voices” in her have convinced her that it is required to kill herself in order to atone for her sins. This came on suddenly after she learned a healing modality that teaches to send dark entities to the light. She was taught to invite them into her home to teach them the gospel and send them to the light. She became possessed and they convinced her to kill herself. Luckily she was not successful and finally received the help she needed.


During our book review meetings we would mention these stories when the Spirit told us to. As a result, people would come up afterward and tell us their dad, mom, son, grandchild or whomever was “possessed.”

I really had no answer for them, but it started me searching for a greater understanding of Satan and how he works. I prayed many times to know what to tell these people or how they could be helped.

It seemed to me that Jesus went about his mortal ministry casting out devils and healing. The “casting out” seemed so pervasive that I wondered if everyone “back then” was plagued by them. It was not something I had heard much about in our “enlightened” times. I read where He would cast them out of people and they would be healed. He did this many times.

I decided one day I wanted to see what “depression” would do to me, if it was caused by allowing “devils” in. one morning before Church I was in my room and one of my daughters came in. We were talking and joking around. After I teased her about something, she made a comment that I “wasn’t very cute.”

In that moment I took that comment and put it inside my heart. I decided that I wasn’t very cute, or good, or anything nice. Determination took over, as I decided to see how depressed I could get over “dwelling” on one comment that I perceived and internalized as negative (which really wasn’t, we were just goofing around).

Soon I found myself sitting on the edge of the bed not wanting anyone around me. Several of my children came into the room and took one look at me, then left quickly. Church was not an option that day, I didn’t care if I ever went back. Dianne told me that I should get ready as she headed off to the shower. I did not move the whole time she was in the bathroom. Finally, about forty minutes before church started, I stirred and got off the bed. A song played on the radio, something about “letting it go.” I felt a tiny bit better.

I went in and got my electric razor and started shaving. I was almost done when the charge gave out and it went dead. I took a look at it and just about put it through the wall with my fist. The “thought” had come in my mind to shove it and my fist right through the wall. I stopped myself, realizing that this wasn’t like me, I don’t have those kind of feelings or thoughts. I went in and dry shaved the rest of my beard.

Denise and I usually walk to Church about thirty minutes early. So I hurried and finished getting ready. We took off for Church. I didn’t say much. Obviously she could see I was full of “devils,” but didn’t say a thing about it…Apparently it was for me to experience devils this day.

We arrived at Church and sat in our favorite spot in the middle of the chapel. Sitting there, my mind seemed confused. I remembered feeling really depressed, wanting to throw the razor through the wall, not wanting to go to Church or do anything for that matter, and the kids not wanting to be around me. I then turned to Denise and asked, “Do I have devils in me?

“Not as many as you had at home,” she said. “After you listened to that song, some of them left.”

I sat there not remembering how to get rid of them. “Dad,” Denise whispered, “you can cast them out if you want to.” Oh yeah, I forgot! I was stunned how they could make my mind so confused or cloudy. So I acknowledged them firmly, with no hostility or anger, and cast them out in the name of Christ. The feeling was so incredible. I was back. My mind was clear, and I felt great. I had no idea that “devils” could fuel depression. Though I knew they would try to influence me to do things I normally would not do…

I realized at that moment that dwelling on our “problems” or pitying ourselves can let in darkness or evil. With this new understanding I sat and thoroughly enjoyed the Sunday services.