Doug Tales 130: Semantics

Doug Mendenhall emailed many individuals before and after he started this blog in 2017. Here is one of his emails from February 18, 2019 titled “semantics,” where he talks about what a clearing is (and what it is not):

First I want to thank all of you for hanging in all these years. I keep whittling down my email list and it still keeps growing. Though I don’t use it much now days since the inception of the blog….

The past several weeks we have been quite busy. The one thing that has come up over and over is when people ask for a clearing or when they talk about a clearing, I’ve come to realize we are not really speaking about the same thing. It must be semantics, don’t you think?

I asked several who had cleared their home or cleared them how it was done. They said smudging was used to clear their home and themselves. I remember I smudged the old haunted LDS chapel/home our friends had down in AZ. It worked for a few minutes, I think. I do love the smell of the sage and other plants used in smudging though.

I looked on the net to find ways to clear a home or yourself and found:

“Take a shower, take a cleansing bath with salts, walk in the rain, sunlight, visualize the aura of others, make sounds (my stomach does this for me), shake your body, stretch, dance, journal, be alone, listen to guided meditation, ask your spirit guides to help, give yourself Reiki, sign up for a Reiki healing session, have a plant in each room (Colorado and a few other states have a way different idea of this one), claim you space, put salt on the carpet and then vacuum, burn white sage, room spray, high frequency music and black tourmaline stones.”


I asked one person what her energy healer did and she just smudged the place and commanded all negative spirits to leave.

I believe some of these things may be helpful. Okay, I’m trying to be nice.

None of these “clearings” involved the Lord Jesus Christ, none call upon Him and so I don’t believe any will truly “clear” much of anything, except vacuuming and drinking Epsom salt water. Dark entities are quite good at going into hiding for a while to make one think they have gone away or have been cleared.

You can take a shower in the rain, while visualizing the aura of others, making all kinds of sounds while shaking and stretching your body, dancing alone while simultaneously listening to a wonderful guided meditation, smoking a stick of sage and not much will happen. I think the dark entities attached to you or in your home will get a kick out of it. Now don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy many of these things and participate in them. But in our experience, we have not seen them “clear” a person of entities, devices, shunts, curses, hexes, weapons, and all the other dark evil negative things that we get slimed with just by living life. Many of these things will help to keep things off of you and some, like stones, will keep you balanced.

The only true healer is the Lord Jesus Christ, I don’t care what any spiritual guru tells you. And no, He isn’t a “spirit guide,” or an “Ascended Master,” Source, or anything else but our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the true Master Healer.

There is much to help us in the world, but when the Savior is left out of the equation, there isn’t much that can help us in this world. I mean truly help us. There are band-aids and cream everywhere to cover up the problem, help a little, and make us feel better like we truly did something. True healing and true clearing involves Him, all else is fakery. (Is that a word?)