Fire in the Middle

The term “the etymology (of a word)” means the origin of a particular word. The etymology of the word pyramid is derived from the Greek words PYRAMIS and PYRAMIDOS. The meaning of the word Pryamis is obscure and may relate to the shape of a pyramid. The word Pyramidos has been translated as “Fire in the Middle.” The “fire” is the energy they create and put out for the benefit of man.

We did a daylong seminar which included pyramids. Before putting it on I did many hours of research about pyramids. Before that research I thought they were “cool structures” built by the Egyptians and those ancients in Mesoamerica. While doing the extensive research I realized they were built anciently, most before the Egyptians ever showed up. Most are pre-flood structures. Why did the ancients build these structures? They were never intended for burial, as most Egyptologists claim. They were built all over the world, and I do mean ALL over the world. Most were built on the ley lines or energy lines that surround this planet. All of them send out energy when properly aligned. If misaligned they still send out energy, but it is skewed and there are not many benefits of a positive nature.

Before the seminar I called the three people I know that had visited the City of Enoch, two of which I mention as the only two I know that are fully redeemed, and asked them if while visiting the City of Enoch did they see any pyramids? All three gave the same response, “Yes!”

Why in the world did Enoch have pyramids built and why do they still have them there? Is it something that might be important? What have you been taught about them? Just that they are ancient structures built to house dead Pharaoh’s bodies in Egypt or to sacrifice young virgins in Mesoamerica? All things get perverted by the Adversary, even this. Opposition is required in all things.

Research was done by Russian scientists with proper scientific protocols with astonishing results about what the energy pyramids generate can do. Have you seen it published in any scientific journals? How many of you even read scientific journals? I know, if it was important to know the Brethren or the Pope would have told us. (Sorry, couldn’t help that one.) No one would publish these scientists’ results because it would cause strife here in the land of the muddle-minded, home of us dumbed down robotic slaves. Like their studies proving that if you gave premature babies with little chance of survival a 40% glucose solution that had been placed for several days in a 144 ft. tall, 72 degree slope pyramid, all of them survived. Yes, all of them. They repeated it many times until they finally just gave the premature babies water that had been stored in the pyramid. And guess what, they also survived. All of them, whereas before they had little chance of survival. Now why isn’t this being used in the West? Is it because western medicine is about money and profits? If you don’t realize this by now, I doubt you will ever get that one.

You can read all of their papers and others that have written about what pyramids do by searching on the internet. David Wilcock in his book, Source Field Investigations, has some twenty pages about pyramids and what they can do. Here, I just want to focus on one and maybe two items.

But first from Wilcock’s book:

“Many different experiments were done using these pyramids that include studies in medicine, ecology, agriculture, physics, and other areas. What is significant about this work is that it has been carried out by top scientists in Russia and Ukraine, and scientifically documents the changes that occur in these pyramids.” (P. 144)

Recently Z and I did several “portalcisms” in Idaho. One home had a husband that wasn’t very keen about us or what we do. The woman of the house had attended the pyramid seminar and had gone home with some ideas. Since her hubby didn’t understand, it was simply easier to have her and the kids make some art projects and place them around the house. They made paper or cardboard pyramids and decorated them, placing several in nearly every room in the home. Now what father would throw away his little children’s art projects? I sit here looking at some of my grandkids creations adorning my walls and they make me smile.

The amazing thing is as we went through the house to close all the portals, there were no portals from a level one to a level four to be found. The energy from these paper pyramids had caused those lower level portals to go away. We’ve done homes where they have wooden ones built either by themselves or by my son-in-law and all portals from a level eight down are gone in the rooms where they have placed one or two pyramids. I remember one house where we were trucking along closing portals and we opened a door, looked into the bedroom sized room and there were zero portals. Z looked around and smiled while pointing to a two foot pyramid the man of the house had constructed and placed in that room. Zero portals, what a concept.

Most homes, probably over 90%, have portals that are of a level one up to a level eight. Now if simply putting pyramids into the rooms will get rid of these portals and evidently keep them away, why aren’t there two pyramids in every room where we go to close higher end portals? We have joked about making this a requirement as it makes our work so much easier when the homeowner takes his responsibility seriously and takes care of his family. Why isn’t there one or two pyramids in everyone room in your home?

Oh, oh, oh, I know Mr. Kotter!!! If we put something like a pyramid in our homes and on our property, the neighbors or even worse, our extended family, will think we are weird and strange. I know one family where members of their “fellowship” saw pyramids in their home and started to bad mouth the pyramids and me. Makes me wonder why people attend such a fellowship with so called Christians of this nature? Are you scared of what the neighbors will think? What will your mother-in-law say? Cool, keep your portals. Let your family suffer from what comes up from hell through them. Oh, I didn’t mention that? We’ve taught it before, hell requires mortal made portals to get into this reality. If your home has them, as nearly all homes do, then hell can come and greet you, play with you, and harass you. We’ve given examples of this in this blog and in my emails to my list.

One more thing I need to mention. I have been told that if a priesthood holder dedicates the home then it is covered, that these things cease to exist. IF that man has true Melchizedek priesthood that would be true for the lower end portals if he addresses them in the dedication. The problem is there isn’t much true Melchizedek priesthood around. I’ve mentioned before that after my daughter came out of her coma without a veil and we’d attend different ward sacrament meetings. I’d ask her how many priesthood mantels she could see on the men in the chapel. There were anywhere from five or six per ward and most of those were Aaronic. As I stated, not much out there. The higher end portals require higher priesthood and knowledge of the proper cadence in specific ancient language chants and such that created them. That is what our guardians do when we close the higher end ones, they have that knowledge.

There is a home on the outskirts of our city where years ago people would do a weekly dark ritual against my family and me. (I was told this by one of the attendees, a former returned sister missionary.) We know there are some nasty higher end portals in that place as it keeps having the “For Rent” sign go up every several months. Want to rent it out? What about people that move into a home and it has ancient portals on the property? What are they to do? You can ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come and remove them, but if they were created by mortals, it requires mortals using His true Priesthood, using His name, with proper understanding as mentioned before, to get rid of them.

The other problem is once a place is cleared, people live in it. Our sins can cause new portals to form and if we don’t repent they will increase in size and power as they use our negative or dark energies to grow. We actually feed them and the entities that come out of them by our dark actions, thoughts, emotions, and deeds. Do you or your children ever argue in your home? How about porn or those sexy romance novels that bring portals with them? What’s wrong with a good “R” rated movie or a TV show with a little sex and a lot of violence in it? You can handle it, you’re an adult. Right? May as well put out the welcome mat. Oh, you just did. Alcohol anyone? Ditto. Why do you think people keep calling and emailing telling us their home is a living hell and asking for help? Then they tell us they don’t know why all of this is going on?

The bottom line with pyramids is we live in a sea of energy. It presses against us. It causes inertia. This energy spins inside a pyramid, like a vortex. Imagine your bathtub draining with that little “tornado” above the drain. Turn it upside down and now you have a visual of what a pyramid does to the energy all around us. This energy comes into the bottom and swirls, as it gets closer to the top it swirls faster, just like in your bathtub. It will leave the top of a pyramid in a beam and also will extend out the sides of the pyramid for several feet depending on the size of the pyramid and what it is made of. If constructed with proper intent and light, it can be of great benefit for a home or wherever it is located. Of course, the opposite is also true, as in all things. You know the drill, all things have an opposite. If you are of light and you work to keep your home that way, the pyramids will send that light energy out and evil won’t like being around it or can’t be around it.

Are we using all things the Lord Jesus Christ has provided to help protect our families and ourselves from evil? If not, good luck.