Things shared

Some things just need to be shared.

It has been a real busy month and is about to get better/worse as we head out this Sunday. (Yes, we leave on Father’s Day.)

I really wanted to share some of what we have learned these past weeks. First, the Lord Jesus Christ is the real deal. He is real, He works hard, He is full of grace for us mortals that seem to keep bumbling along in the dark of mortality, and it is just incredible to be a very small part of what He is about. No ego there, just a whole lot of gratitude.

One person the Savior helped had an entity attached to him. We had been clearing the person and my sighted friend asked if I was going to get around to having the Savior get rid of the entity that was attached to him. I told my sighted friend that I was frustrated because I was unable to see any entity. I was told to basically look behind me, that it wasn’t “on” the individual. Then I was able to feel it behind me and see the cords that went from it into the man’s spine and to his pancreas. They were woven around the nerves or nervous system of the man. As stated it also went to the pancreas.

Upon seeing the pancreas I paused and asked the man if he had diabetes. “Yes, type 2,” was his response. No wonder with the damage done by the entity to the pancreas and the Islets of Langerhans on the pancreas.

What was interesting was what my sighted friend said after the man had gone. She mentioned that the entity was extremely thin, that it was starving. I failed to ask if entities eat, but upon asking that question now the Spirit says yes, they “eat” or feed off of our energy or light. Anyway, this one was very thin and hungry. That hunger was transferred to the mortal man it was connected to. This made the man feel like he was continually starving, so he eats and eats and never feels full.


The sad thing is how people will make judgments about another person, without compassion, without asking the Savior and being just a plain old jerk. They have no knowledge of what someone else has gone through or is going through to be the way they are. But hey, it’s okay because karma will get those who do judge another. There is no escaping the effects of our causes except through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement through repentance.

This did remind me of the young sighted woman that lived in the old haunted LDS chapel in Arizona we have discussed in the past. She could see dark entities. Every summer she would volunteer at a summer camp for children with cancer. She made the statement to me that she never saw a child suffering from cancer at the camp that didn’t have entities attached to them where the cancer was. The entities would suck the life out of the child until there was nothing left and then they’d go away. Some of the children would go into remission and then the entities would come back and finish the job and the child would transition.

How many of us have conditions that are caused by something other than what the white lab coats tell us? How come God declares that to Him all things are spiritual, yet we seem to always see white labs coats first to seek out the physical? (D&C 29:34) Why not follow Gods advice and seek the spiritual remedy and then the physical if told. Yes, I know, we have been conditioned or brainwashed to not believe the spiritual aspect. Heavens, if the white lab coats find out you sought the advice of another God besides them, they might put you away in a mental facility.

Years ago a couple came to my home and told us that the husband had been in the hospital with heart issues. They couldn’t find a thing wrong and sent him home. He was looked at and we told him he had a spear through his heart that was sent there by his spouse. We asked if they had had a very serious argument. The answer was “yes.” In his case, get rid of the spear, ask the wife for forgiveness and buy her flowers, repent, and your condition might go away if you are sincere enough. Oh, we did have the Savior clear the spear from him. I’d still suggest the other things on a continual basis. Our advice is to always court your spouse, like you did before you were married. It works wonders in that relationship.

We did a clearing on a guy a while ago that had two entities attached. That morning in my meditations I “looked” at the man and saw two objects that looked the same attached to him. My thought was it will be interesting to see what it is when hands are laid on the man. Before he arrived my sighted friend mentioned the man had two beings that were attached. I said it was two “bumps” that looked alike that are attached to him. She thanked me for the witness and said they were “twins.”

“Earthbound women,” I said to her, both as a statement while also asking for a witness of the statement because I could now see them. “Yes,” she responded. She said the man had a very strong spirit to withstand the twin sisters for so long. You see, they had been sent to “make” him into a homosexual. I agreed, he is a very powerful spirit and didn’t succumb. What a good man he is.

Praise God, the Lord Jesus Christ for freeing these two people for that which plagued and bound them for decades of mortal life. What an incredible thing to witness!

We had a very sweet woman come and get cleared. At first we will cut all the negative cords and bonds from the person. We will use a symbolic sword to do so. As I passed that sword of light in front of her to cut the negative cords and bonds, her stone bracelet exploded and went all over the room. We are still finding some of those stones. The next day I held one up to my sighted friend and she asked what it was. The stones energy was so dark she couldn’t see the stone. I told her what happened and she mentioned there had been an entity with the bracelet and when the dark bond was cut it had exploded the bracelet on its way to hell. That one was just interesting and kind of funny.

I haven’t followed up on the why’s and how’s of the bracelet with the Savior, but will do so someday.

We have a really good man coming tomorrow evening. I “looked” at him and saw one of the entities he is dealing with. Nasty thing. I can’t wait for the Savior to take care of that thing and get it back to hell. The man is suffering from cancer and asked for a clearing. He is not appointed unto death so you always wonder what the deal is. I guess we will find out tomorrow evening. I am looking forward to seeing him and his sweetheart. Really good people. It is my prayer and hope he will respond to what the Lord Jesus Christ tells him and does for him. We have seen Him do many miracles. Though that usually involves repentance and change. It is always on us, the Lord Jesus Christ will always do His part, which is the will of His Father. It is us that seems to be hard hearted, hard minded, and lacking in faith as the scriptures state. Prayers of hope, love, and faith would be wonderful if you so choose to send them this way. And as always, His will be done.

God bless.