Doug Tales 6: Spiritual Weapons & Shields

On pages 90-95 of his book Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012), Doug Mendenhall shares his experiences with the reality of spiritual weapons being sent to and from other individuals, plus the need for spiritual shielding:

The scriptures mention the arrows and darts of the adversary. The scriptures also mention the chains of the adversary. I have talked to many individuals that feel these are just metaphors for what the adversary can send at us. For many years I felt the same way. Then my family started having all kinds of experiences….

For example, I had an experience when a friend put a spear through my chest. Please understand that these are spiritual devices or implements of darkness and even though they are spiritual, they can still cause physical pain, and there can be more than arrows, darts or spears thrown at you.

I feel that most of these things are done subconsciously, and if we knew this kind of thing was happening when we get angry, we might not allow it. I believe that a lot of what hits us is done in this way.

My friend…was visiting us one Sunday and went to Fast and Testimony meeting with us. She decided at the last moment to get up and bear her testimony, so she walked up to the pulpit to share it with the congregation. At the end she mentioned that there are some wonderful people living here in our town. She mentioned my family and several of our friends.

At that point in time my local leaders were not happy with the seminars I had been doing for spiritually gifted people, and as she mentioned our friends and my family, one of the local leaders who was sitting behind her looked up and glared at her.

Precisely at that moment she felt something hit her in the back. We watched her wince in pain. She quickly ended her testimony and sat down by us. Doing so she leaned over to me and apparently in much pain said, “I’ve been stabbed in the back by something. What is it?”

Denise leaned over and said, “You have a huge battle-axe in your back. The [local leader] threw it when you mentioned our friends and us.”

Not for one minute do I think that this man threw the battle-axe at her consciously or even had any inkling he had done so. He is a nice man. But at that point he apparently had some negative feelings toward some of us, and in his frustration and judgment he focused that negative energy towards our friend. The adversary changed that negative energy into a battle axe, and it landed in her back. Having been the recipient of more than a few dark spiritual weapons, I can assure you that they do cause physical pain.

I know of husbands and wives that have received arrows and other weapons of darkness from their spouses. In anger they say things, and the weapons fly, unknowingly.

The really scary people are those that do it consciously, knowing perfectly well what they are doing. Good examples are the people that came to our home when Dave was shot full of arrows or the man that put devices on my friend’s back and on my lungs. These are people to be avoided. Those involved in Satanism know all about these things. They use them continually on other people. Their arrows, darts, curses, hexes, implants, etc. are very real and do cause physical problems.

We quickly went home from Church and in the name of Jesus Christ blessed our testimony-bearing friend, casting out the battle-axe, and she felt better immediately.

We met a person that had the ability to penetrate spiritual shields, but we did not know it at that time. After several encounters with him, we decided it was best to not have anything to do with him ever again. But even though we stayed away from him, he continued to bother us or send us dark things. Following [is one] such experience.

My friend, Dave, and I had gone over to another friend‘s house. She was sitting in a chair looking like “death warmed over” and said she felt like her life was being drained out of her. When I silently prayed to ask what was wrong, the Spirit told me that she had five spiritual devices on her body. The biggest was a spiritual shunt in her back that was draining her life away. I didn‘t mention any of them to her, as I wanted a witness of what I had heard.

Dave and I went back to my house to ask my daughter to look and tell me what was wrong.

“She has a device in her back that is sucking the life out of her. Plus there are four other things on her,” she said.

I then went back to my friend‘s house and took her to another who can “see” devices on people. She told her the same thing that Denise had said. We then laid hands on her and cast the devices off. She was back to normal in a short time.…

If I feel my shield is “down” or not as strong as I feel it could be, I will instantly ask for it again. If I see someone coming to the house that I don’t know, I will ask for my shields to be reinforced. Even when my friends have come to the house and are having a bad day, they may be carrying some darkness on them, so I will ask for my spiritual shield to be reinforced.

For about two years I did seminars for people that are spiritually gifted or those interested in such things. They were held in various locations around the country. I would go and dedicate the building the night before or early in the morning. I would cast out any darkness, ask for spiritual shields, and for angels to guard the building.

I did this one time late at night. As I was leaving the building to head back to the hotel, two friends drove into the parking lot. I waved at them and approached their car. I chatted for a few minutes and then drove back to the hotel.

As I pulled into the hotel parking lot, I had a stabbing pain above my heart. When I asked the Lord what it was, I was told I had been stabbed with a spiritual spear. It had come from one of my “friends” that I had met in the parking lot. I found out later that she felt I had slighted her somehow. At least that is what I was told.

As I sat contemplating this, I got really angry. I asked for it to be taken out, and I sent it back to her in anger. (The Emperor in Star Wars would be standing there saying, “Feel the hate, Doug, feel the hate.” Actually the Devil probably was.) This was something that I consciously did, knowing all along how wrong it was to do such a thing.

The next day as I was speaking, the Lord told me to relate this story and to apologize to her right there in the meeting. I did so. As I said my apology, I saw that she was rubbing above her heart, right where I had sent it in my anger. I guess she didn’t have a spiritual shield up either.

My point is that we don’t know who we might encounter during our day or what attachments might be thrown or put on us. It might be important to put up spiritual shielding all the time. Some people have the ability to harm us spiritually from a distance, and spiritual shields can and do protect from those assaults also.