“This recovery hurts so bad it could kill me!”

People come here for clearings and we often tell them they may experience pain or other symptoms associated with what was taken off of them. Though I honestly don’t know if they believe us or not. Sometimes I wonder if they think we are nuts. (Hey, I did write post about being nuts once.) Below is the experience of a gifted woman that came for help with what was on her. She had tried and tried to get it removed without much success. As I laid hands on her head I knew that all of what was on her would not be able to be removed in one clearing, there was too much there.

On that particular day we did clearings, there were several that would need to come back to have the job finished. This isn’t because we want them to come back so we can make more of the big bucks. I remember as a child the doctor telling my mother that she needed to bring me back in a week to make sure I was well. Cha ching goes the cash register. (We don’t charge for what we do, so there are no bucks, period.) It is because their physical body would not be able to handle all of what the Lord Jesus Christ needs to take off of them spiritually.

In past emails sent to my email list I’ve recounted several times when this has happened. One young man in particular up north needed five visits to cast off all that was on him. Did I want to go back up there five times over a six month period? No. Though it was fascinating to see the process. I wish I’d had a before and after picture of him as his countenance was night and day different. The first visit included Z, my daughter, and myself. When I laid hands on him the first time he thrashed about and did dry heaves, though Z mentioned he was spewing out spiritual vomit all over the floor and she was grossed out over it. It was interesting watching her walk around that vomit trying not to step in it on our way out of his apartment. I was glad the Lord Jesus Christ “locked” my hands on his head as he physically moved about quite violently as he “spiritually” vomited. If I remember right he had 20% of what was on him removed the first time, all that he would be physically and spiritually able to handle.

He emailed me later to tell me he hadn’t been able to move his legs for several hours after we had left and it took days for him to feel better. He said it felt like a train had hit him and wondered why he felt that way with only 20% removed. I wondered what the other 80% would bring. It brought relief to him as he looked great the last time we met, which was for lunch before he moved back east to his home State.

Another time I found myself casting some rather powerful demons out of a woman when she started to yell because of the pain they were causing in her lungs. The integration was pretty far along and she had little energy to help expel them. Suddenly Z stood up and placed a hand on her chest and one on her back to feed her energy to help her out.

We do tell people after they leave to drink plenty of water to help with the physical cleansing and that they may experience some pain or be quite tired. Below is what the one woman shared with us. A few of the things she had on her were a massive ships bolt through her chest with the attached nut on the back, a rather impressive caul on her head that had tentacles going deep into her brain, and a swirling mass of dark energy in her stomach with barbed wire thrown in to help increase damage and pain.

“First I’d like to express my gratitude. The progress thus far has been tremendous and I know it’s only a small part. I have been much more stable and capable. Although it’s been painful, the ‘post-surgical’ pain was NOTHING compared to living with that garbage.

I’d like to share the recovery process though, as I find it amusing:

As I left your home with **** alongside, I told him all I could about our experience before I left your property, knowing that once I crossed your double boulders at the gate I was gonna hurt like hell!!! And sure enough, I did. I was beyond grateful he was driving.

I cycled through chest pain (literal spiritual pain in my chest from the ship bolt removal), to dizziness and headache (caul removal) to wanting to curl up under a blanket to hide so no one could see me, to mild moments of peace at my newfound, albeit partial, freedom, then back to pain again. This cycle repeated several times! (It was humorous, because I was talking to **** the entire time and during the headache moments I spoke as though I was drunk and he’d tease me.)

At one time during the drive home though, I hurt SO BAD that tears fell due to pain and the agony of remembering the evil, then the strangest thing happened… I went incredibly Loopy, and kinda loud, and I asked ****, ‘Have you ever had surgery?!’


‘You know, ‘I slurred, searching for words, ‘when you come out of anesthesia and you know you’re dying of pain but they’ve got you on morphine so you just don’t care? You know that feeling when EVERYTHING is good… I mean, you KNOW that you hurt but you can’t even feel it.’


‘I feel like that,’ I said. ‘I hurt to the point of wanting to die but…..’ and then it dawned on me, ‘I think I’m on spiritual morphine!!! This recovery hurts so bad it could kill me! WOOOOW, this is good stuff!’

That lasted several miles before I cycled again. Most incredible. Definitely amusing. Incredibly humbling. Angels have now attended my every activity, allowing me to be mom when needed and crash otherwise.

My soul is desperately longing for the rest to be cleared and healed. I have slept much, eaten well, hydrated, read most of the Book of Mormon, and fasted 25 hours. I’ll let you decide, but I feel ready!”

Let me repeat again that this precious woman is quite gifted. She feels, sees, and hears more than the average person. Most people don’t feel it this intensely. Some might feel that could be a good thing. She will be back in a month or so to have the rest removed and receive a generational healing. It should prove to be interesting. Maybe she will give another report.

Spiritual removal of entities, devices, implants, etc. can be painful, but it is so worthwhile to be relieved of such dark evil. Of course it is all done by the Lord Jesus Christ, He is the true and only Healer. The rest of us are just observers and the required mortals with sufficient faith and/or authority to lay on hands or say the required words.

I hope God blesses all of you in your travels and travails.