Doug Tales 90: What Joseph Smith Said and Did, Part Five

Are written documents the only way to learn about past events? Joseph Smith once commented that the Bible is a “dead book” for us, unless we reach the point that we have used the principles in the Bible to connect to the Gods of Light ourselves. And at that point, we will have written our own “Bible” and can use that divine connection to continue to learn from. An example of such learning is included by Doug Mendenhall in his book, I See…Arise! (2016), on pages 42-43. He knew of a sighted individual who learned through the spirit many things about what Joseph Smith said and did, and Doug includes some of her learning in his book:

“Years ago, a young woman was shown Joseph Smith Jr. and his life. It was as if she was there, experiencing life with him.

“For the last years of his life, he was granted the gift of healing. Before going out to teach or heal, Joseph received brilliant, white light from Jesus Christ before, especially, going out to heal. Even with being pre-charged Joseph would be badly drained if there were many in need of healing.

“A time or two, in the great effort to save many, he forgot to find a place of solitude to allow the Savior to ‘charge the batteries’ again. Joseph was using his own life force energy to heal which caused him to nearly collapse. Most of the time it was purely the effort of bringing the Light of Christ through to mortality that was cause for most of the fatigue.

“He had the gift to bless an object to carry the healing light of Christ to others. Those with spiritual sight could see the mortal fibers or grains of the object were changed into something with an ethereal quality. Light glowed from them. Those who the blessed object were laid upon, in prayer, were healed.

“Joseph Smith taught that those with any gifts of the spirit of light obtain needed strength and/or life energy (also known as spiritual energy) from angels sent from God, or Jesus Christ. In contrast, those of great evil teach worshipers of Satan to take what is needed of strength and/or life energy from other mortals and even evil spirits.”