Doug Tales 100: The People & Zion

On October 23, 2004, Doug Mendenhall spoke in American Fork, Utah, at one of the last Ezekiel Conferences. He talked for half an hour about spiritual gifts that people have, science fiction stories written by Zenna Henderson in the 1950’s (about “the People”), and the road to Zion.

Here is a link to an audio recording of his talk:

Doug Mendenhall talk (Oct. 23, 2004)

[Note: The New England Science Fiction Association prints two collections of Zenna Henderson (1917-1983) stories with the imprint NESFA Press in Framingham MA. The first, Ingathering: The Complete People Stories (1995), includes her 28 short stories about “the People” while the second, Believing: The Other Stories of Zenna Henderson (2020), has her 38 short stories and 3 poems not related to “the People.” These two anthologies compile all of Zenna Henderson’s writings printed in science fiction magazines and earlier books.]